Scorpio Full Moon – Celebrate Your Uniqueness and Reclaim Your Magic

Scorpio Full Moon

Beloved Scorpio.

A sign of deep feeling and transformation that reaches deep into the bones of our ancestors.

Scorpio – the sign of power, sexuality, and communal growth through righteously channeled emotions.

Element: Water

Planets: Mars (War, Passion, Sex, Action) and Pisces (Mystery, Esoteric Knowledge, Death, Transformation)

Modality: Fixed

House: 8th House – House of Sex

The Full Moon

A time for gratitude and celebration.

A threshold teetering on the space between the micro and macrocosm.

A valuable time where we are given a choice. A choice to use our power of awareness and intention to move our life’s spiral with upward or downward momentum.

Extra focus is being given to how we use our emotions to manifest the world we see around us.

We are encouraged to embrace our power – that life force intimately tied to our sexuality and nature – that awakens our senses and reminds us we are alive, yet time is fleeting.

Will we live for today or continue our existence in the past or future ideations?

Are there ways we are stopping our flow of energy – our sexuality/kundalini/Tao/Life force – by holding onto long worn belief systems?

Now is the time to develop a space of inner harmony within our hearts. Locate those areas where we are out of balance and transform the shadows that try to hide our own birthright of feeling abundant and empowered in all we do. There is no need to dim our light. We were born of star dust – and I know for a fact our celestial ancestors never dim their shine for anybody.

There has been a calling to delve deep into the shadows and bring about this deep transformation encouraged by Scorpio energy.

But how?

We can become aware of our shadow and our blockages, but what comes next? How does the transformation happen?

First: Pause. Take a deep breath. To sit with our shadows we have to actually do that – take a seat. Slow down. Breath into the stillness and let whatever needs to be seen and heard rise from deep within you. Create that space. Build that relationship with yourself and those things you have been holding onto.

The Taurus Sun is lending us strength, security, and support right now to do this deep energy transformation. We are fully supported and there is no better time to step into our next-level badass-ness than right now.

Next, the Full Moon holds the key to this alchemical process – Celebration and Gratitude.

We can clear emotional blockages by planting seeds of the opposite energy, thereby neutralizing it and integrating the lesson hid within.

When something arises from the stillness that feels less-than-desirable, we can shift that energy by offering it love, forgiveness, and compassion.

One way we can do that is through affirmation.

“I am stupid.” –> “I celebrate my unique knowledge that comes from years of experience and the ways it helps me connect with others.”

“I am ugly.” –> “I am grateful for my body and how it tries its absolute best to support me and keep me healthy every day. This inspires me to do my best on supporting it as well.”

“I am poor.” –> “I am grateful I have my base needs met and celebrate those opportunities where I may indulge even a little.”

Another way of shifting energy is the Ho’ponopono prayer. If there is something in our energy field that needs forgiveness – for ourselves or others – we can utilize this simple and effective prayer to bring about a positive shift.

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

No matter what the experience was, the suffering and pain that is attached to it is often a two-way street. This prayer acknowledges that each day we wake up, none of us are immune from doing harm. Our job is to do our best to stop the cycle and free ourselves and others karmically from the suffering that has been done by releasing it from our energy field.

Learn more about this prayer and other forms of energy healing here.

This may sound cliché or too simple to be effective, but I would not be sharing this if it has not worked for me personally.

I use to fear when the Scorpio New and Full moons came around because I was not able to face my own emotions and patterns of thinking. I was afraid of looking into the depths of my own mind and admitting that in many ways – I was sabotaging my own growth.

This process of transformation is a lifelong journey and I am far from perfect – but affirmation and planting seeds of love and compassion has been absolutely life changing.

Learning to celebrate myself and my uniqueness made me a direct channel for more experiences worth celebrating to find their way to me.

Scorpio is also about MAGNETISM.

We are magnets! The frequency we emit, whether positive or negative, will attract more experiences along that same frequency.

I know what you are thinking: but… opposites attract with magnets.

Yes. This is true too. You will inevitably attract more of the opposite to you as you increase your frequency to be more positive.

Yet, all of these experiences are drawn to you because they may be transformed with seeds of love and compassion as well. Because these experiences are inevitably helping you – and whatever that experience/person/thing is – to grow into the highest alignment possible for the greatest good.

Being able to hold space and be of service to the growth of others is something that will be a slow evolution with our own growth process. It is not something that can be rushed and requires we set boundaries so as not to be taken advantage of. However, in surrendering to the flow of reciprocity and trusting that we will be provided for while expecting nothing in return from those we give to, we are opening ourselves to a flow of abundance much larger than ourselves that allows us to be of greater service to the whole. Ultimately – as channels for Spirit.

You are a CHANNEL. Like a radio. You get to choose what frequency you emit by doing the work, transforming your shadow, sitting in stillness with your dense emotions, and taking ownership and responsibility for all that you are and all that you do.

It sounds daunting but it is a GIFT. When you step up to that threshold and sing to the heavens “I am ready to embrace and integrate my highest potential,” that is when the healing happens. That is when you begin to see your life and the world around you change for the better.

Truth is – we are all healers. We heal by unapologetically being who we are and giving others permission to do the same by doing so.

Scorpio – and a Scorpio moon especially – can have some difficulty opening up to others. Being vulnerable and trusting people – especially when hurt before, and KNOWING when we increase our radiance it will attract the opposite energies – can be a scary thing!

This is why it is so vital to tune into intuition. That energy of Spirit. Our deep, inner knowing. This is something Scorpio knows very well and has a strong connection to. All that is required is that we trust ourselves when these instincts surface as we navigate outer (and inner) experiences. Trust that our connection to our intuition will lead us down a path that ultimately is leading towards positive, practical growth and transformative healing.

We need each other to heal. We need people who are like-minded, can hold us accountable, who can hold up a mirror to our own bullshit (pardon my French), and even celebrate with us all the amazing successes that we ourselves will often overlook.

Scorpio rules the 8th house. This is the house of sex, death, and rebirth. It is the level playing field where we can acknowledge that we are all experiencing the same cycles, the same primordial energy and mortality inherent in life’s experience. It demonstrates how because we are all inevitably connected through this ancient thread – we can grow tremendously by building strong and healthy relationships with others.

We are is billions of expressions of the same universal spark flowing throughout all of nature. We are harmony, love, creation, growth, rebirth, and alchemy at its finest.

For this Scorpio Full Moon, I invite you to celebrate your uniqueness. Sit in stillness and listen to your own hearts love for you. Look at your shadow as an old, neglected friend that is simply in need of some compassion in order to start healing. Be a channel for unconditional love and spread that shit like a wildfire in the darkest of places (with permission of course – there is no rushing healing).

Journaling Questions

What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing this past moon cycle?

Write a letter to yourself from your highest self. What would they say? What do they want you to know? In what ways are they proud of your growth thus far?

In what ways have you been showing up for yourself and your highest alignment?

How can you reclaim your emotions and sexuality to release blockages in your energetic field and increase your ability to radiate love, compassion, and dare I say – righteous anger to make life a more beautiful experience?

If this alchemical path of deep transformation intrigues you, then I offer you the ability to dive deeper through One-on-One Coaching with me. Visit here to set up a discovery call and learn how Life Alchemy can help you align with your soul’s destiny.

Work better in a group setting? Want a community of likeminded high-vibrational individuals to grow with? Check out Temple of the Maiden – a journey through mythos and the moon cycles designed to bring out your own unique rhythms of abundance and connection to nature. Starts each New Moon. Sign up here.

Spring Cleaning the Home and Energetic Field

Our homes are sacred temples. They are safe spaces to dwell within, deserving of utmost care for the care they offer us.

Not all of us may be able to say that we feel safe in our homes, but there are things that we can do to keep them as clean, tidy, and comforting as possible.

Spring is here, as is a massive pandemic. Now is the opportune time to clear the air, donate and be rid of those things that are just taking up space, and cultivate a more spacious environment that we may express ourselves within.

Another vital environment to keep clean is our own body and mind. Though this post will go over some ways to keep our spirits high, I recommend checking out Part 1 (Body) and Part 2 (Mind and Emotions) in the Spring Cleaning series if you would like to learn more about these topics specifically.

In this post, we will cover the care and keeping of our homes to keep the energy flowing well and the spirit light, free of stagnation. Without further ado…


It would be rather difficult to clean a house with nothing to clean it with, don’t you think? Many of you likely already have tools to clean your homes, especially since the start of this outbreak. I still thought it would be beneficial to offer some Zero Waste cleaning times, keeping in mind the importance of ensuring our homes stay clean as well as the Earth.

Below is a simple universal cleaner. For more information on cleaning, check out this post.

All-Purpose Spray and Floor Wash

  • 1 Cup Vinegar
  • 1-2 Cups Lemon Peels
  • 1 Cup Water
  • Essential Oils (Optional – I like Pine)
  • 16 oz Spray Bottle
  • Mason Jar with a plastic lid, or metal lid with parchment paper.

Add Lemons to a mason jar and cover with the vinegar. Use either a plastic lid, or a metal lid with parchment separating the metal and the liquid (vinegar can corrode metal).

Allow the solution to sit for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Strain the vinegar from the lemon peels into a spray bottle.

Fill the spray bottle the rest of the way with water.

Optional: Add your favorite essential oils

Note: Not for use on marble or granite. The acid will eat away at the stone.

Clear The Clutter

That cooking ware you haven’t used in over a year? Those clothes that fit you when – yeah you may have looked good but were you mentally okay?

Having a space free of clutter, and those things that cause negative emotional reactions, helps ourselves to feel free and light.

When we are bringing things into our space, like Marie Kondo often advises, it is best to only keep those things that “Spark Joy.”

The less we have in our space, the less that our minds and bodies must process. This frees ourselves to start feeling and thinking for ourselves without the interruption of overstimulation or negative stimuli. It makes it easier to start new habits and think positively when we dwell in a space that feels neat, clear, and uplifting.

I used to be the poster child for a messy bedroom. It felt like “Did a tornado go through your room?” was a more popular phrase in my home than “Hey, how was your day?”

As I grew older I started to understand the importance of organization and keeping a space clean. It has helped me with anxiety, depression, and overall feeling unmotivated or apathetic.

A clean space that is purposefully organized has caused the energy within each room, and within myself, to flow with ease.

Reorganize Space

How many of you have a “junk drawer” or throw things under the bed, in the closet, in the cupboards with no real thought about how it is organized?

Living this way can cause unnecessary frustration. When we become frustrated or upset, this uses energy; Energy that could have been channelled toward more productive things such as our passions and creative projects.

Finding an organizational method that works for you will be very helpful in keeping the mind clear and the home feeling light.

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a 4000 year old multicultural system that assesses how light, color, architecture, geology, and astrology combine with surroundings to affect where we live and work. It acknowledges that everything has energy, prana, or ch’i. From the air we breathe to the lamp by your bed. In feng shui, we take into consideration those things aforementioned to ensure the ch’i of our home is flowing well and uplifting, rather than draining, our own ch’i.

To fully dive into feng shui would require a more personalized approach for you to receive the full benefit it can offer. There is a wealth of information and possibility within this system, but for the sake of a short article I will be offering a few simple tips to clear stagnant energy from a space based upon feng shui.

If you would like to learn more, comment below and I will make more posts on this topic in the future. It may also be beneficial to pick up a book and start mapping out your own home’s energy flow based upon a bagua map.

Knowing the layout of your own home in regards to feng shui can be helpful in knowing where and how to shift energy.

Easy Ways to Keep Ch’i Flowing

  • Keep fresh potted flowers and plants in the home. Never keep dead plants.
  • Hang wind chimes by your doors to clear stagnant and unwanted energies.
  • Opt for round furniture instead of squared and pointed. The edges (especially those on nightstands) drain energy from you.
  • Keep the front door clear and free of clutter. This includes any coat closets, shoe rack, or other organizational systems by the front door.
  • Place rocks in the sink to avoid ch’i escaping down the drain.
  • Always keep the lid of the toilet down and the bathroom door closed to avoid flushing abundance down the drain.
  • Use aromatherapy or fresh home cooked meals to fill the home with a grounding and uplifting scent.


Plants are known to be purifying to the air, removing toxins and other nasties that could potentially cause harm to your health. NASA has identified 19 plants that can remove pollutants from the air. Check out the chart at this link to discover what plants remove which toxins, and what ones may be best for you.

Keeping plants is also a great stress reliever, as well as an essential in Feng Shui to keep Ch’i moving effectively.


Visualization in meditation can be an amazing way to clear stagnant energy and infuse a space with love, protection, and blessings.

Many people meditate on the chakra centers or different areas of the body to clear stagnant energy. We even have energy healing techniques, such as Reiki, where we can heal each other with conscious intention and love. Not many know this can be done beyond our bodies and work for our homes as well.

To do an energy clearing meditation, begin seated or lying down as you would in a normal mindfulness meditation. Begin by settling awareness upon the heartspace. Breath.

As you inhale, visualize a white light growing from inside the heartspace. See this light move throughout your entire body until you are filled with light. Bring this light further out to fill the aura around you.

From here, you can begin expanding this light to your physical surroundings. Fill your room, the floor you are on, and eventually the whole house. You can explore each room, one at a time, feeling for stagnant energy and transforming it by inhaling the stagnant energy as “smoke” and exhaling it as light.

Once the whole house has been covered, say a prayer for peace and blessing to the house. Thank it for all it does to support and protect you to the best of its abilities. Whatever you feel called to say.

If you have a difficult time visualizing, that is okay. Instead, sit with the intention of transforming stagnant energy into love and say a prayer for the home. That is enough. Do this for as long as you feel guided to.


There are many ways one can infuse their home with the magic of crystals. Whether you truly believe in their power, or you see it as more of a mental reassurance, crystals can still be of benefit.

When it comes to “Spring Cleaning” a home of stagnant energy, black tourmaline is the first that comes to mind.

Black tourmaline is phenomenal at absorbing all negative and stagnant energy. It helps to uphold boundaries and to keep others from draining your energy.

Place a black tourmaline crystal in each of the four corners of your home to create an energetic wall around your home.

It may be beneficial to cleanse these crystals on the new moon with smoke from a smudge stick or incense, and to charge them in the light of the full moon.


Bundling up herbs and burning them for their abilities to clear a space and imbue it with positive energy is a ritual that humans have done for centuries. Whether in first nations or a catholic church, all spiritual practices have some sort of ritual involving the burning of herbs for their cleansing and blessing abilities.

There are various types of herbs that one can use for smudging.

Sage, Palo Santo, Cedar, Pine, Lavender, Myrrh, Frankincense, Mugwort, Yerba Santa, Rosemary, and Sweetgrass are just a few of many.

When deciding to smudge, be sure to do research before making a purchase to ensure the herb you have chosen is one that is not endangered. It is best to go out and harvest herbs for smudge sticks, grow the herbs ourselves, or support local farmers by buying their herbs (such as sage, lavender, rosemary, etc) if you want to ensure the plant was grown with respect for the whole Earthly ecosystem. Choosing the herbs yourself and making your own bundle can also help to connect with your smudge on a deeper level. It gives the plants a chance to connect with you and learn about your own specific needs and areas of healing.

Other easy plants to add to smudge sticks include: Yarrow, Roses, Lemon Balm, Juniper, Holy Basil/Tulsi, and Fir.

Look into plants you already connect with and see what their properties are, if they are safe to burn, and where to find them near you/if they are legal to harvest.

How to Make a Smudge Stick

Gather your desired herbs (fresh is preferred). If you are harvesting them yourself, do so in the morning daylight after the morning dew has lifted.

Allow the herbs to sit for a few hours or overnight to wilt and release a bit of their moisture. This will prevent molding.

Bundle the herbs up together and wrap them in some thread or string. This doesn’t have to be super tight. Allow there to be some breathing room to avoid molding, but not so loose that it will lose shape once it shrinks from drying.

Allow the smudge stick to sit on a screen or in a basket for 7-10 days to further dry out.

All done! Enjoy!

Make Noise

Sound is a primal way of releasing pent up energy. When we are overwhelmed with emotion, we wail and cry. When we are upset or angry, we scream and shout. When we are overjoyed and happy, we celebrate with laughter, words of praise, and other exclamations.

Noise can be utilized to clear the air around your and keep energy flowing well.

Here are some ways you can utilize sound to clear a space.


Any space that feels dense or heavy, start clapping until the energy breaks up and dissipates.


Similar to clapping, a bell can be rung in any spaces that need an energy boost. Walk around your room or home to break up stagnant energy and lighten the space.


As mentioned in Feng Shui, wind chimes are particularly helpful on the outside of the house to prevent any stagnant and dense energy from entering the home. Keeping wind chimes outside the home creates a protective barrier that ensures the energy flowing in is healthy.


Everything in this universe carries its own frequency. Every atom and molecule in our body is vibrating at its own frequency, as do those of our tables and beds. These varying frequencies are what keep us from falling through a floor and give life its form.

We also emit energies through our thoughts and emotions that can influence the energy of those things around us (such as our living space).

When we listen to music, we are “consuming” various frequencies that have influence over a space and our bodies. This is why when we listen to classical music, we can often feel calm and relaxed, while if we listen to heavy metal we may be more on edge, pumped up, and ready to run through a wall.

We can consciously choose different genres of music to infuse a space with the frequency thereof.

A popular way to do this is through Solfeggio frequencies. These are based upon a 6-tone scale that was popularly used in sacred music and Gregorian chants throughout early history. These sounds are connected to various parts of our body and can aid in healing.

Various videos on YouTube can be found of music at the varying notes. You can play one of these videos in a space to clear energy and infuse it with the intention connected to that frequency, or you can simply chant the syllable connected to that tone.

Keep in mind that many of those recommendations mentioned in this post are also highly beneficial for the body and its own energy field as well.

Spring Cleaning the Mental and Emotional Body

This is part 2 of a 3 part series in how to “Spring Clean” the Body, Mind, and Soul. If you didn’t catch the first one on how to spring clean the body, check it out HERE.

Today we are going to be exploring how we can prepare the mind and emotional body for all of the abundance and luscious experiences we are inviting into our space with the coming of Spring and warmer days.

Now is the time for letting go of old thought patterns, heavy baggage, and anything else that could potentially keep us from being aligned with our own souls.

Without further ado, let us explore a few techniques for letting go, allowing in, and flowing freely.


If I could name one practice that has single-handedly transformed my life, it would be (and is) meditation.

Meditation has helped me grow closer to that space within myself where I can taste everlasting peace and clarity.

This practice has enhanced my relationships with others, motivated me to take meaningful action within my life, helped me to see the ties I could do away with and connected me with the direction that fills me with joy. That is to name a few.

There are many forms of meditation, so I encourage you to explore and find one that works for you. Here are a few worth trying with the intention of balancing the mind and emotions.


A mantra is a statement, slogan, word, or sound repeated to aid concentration. This can be something like Ram Das’s famous “I am Loving Awareness” or something traditional like “Om.”

It is helpful to explore online mantras for different purposes (i.e. mantras for abundance/release/relationships/etc). One of my favorites for balancing the mind and body is “Om Namah Shivaya.” It means “O! Salutations to the auspicious One.” This mantra is far deeper than it may seem at surface level, and helps to connect one to their own source of empowerment and divinity.

Another option is to come up with your own mantra that resonates with you and what you are personally working through.

To practice mantra:

  • Set a timer and chant for the desired amount of time, or
  • Use mala beads to count and keep track of your chanting, repeating your mantra once over each bead until you have completed the circle.


The most popular type of meditation is mindfulness meditation. The technique is simple enough. All you must do is sit in lotus position, legs crossed and spine aligned with the chin and shoulders ever-so-slightly tilted down, and focus on your breathing. When the mind runs astray, return to the breath and keep the focus there. One could also focus their attention (with eyes closed) on the tip of the nose or the third eye (the space between the brows).

Though this technique is fairly simply in theory, it is considered a more advanced type of meditation, as many of us will become quickly frustrated or feel we are doing it “wrong” when starting out.

The Monkey Mind will race with many thoughts and try to grab our attention, and that is okay. The mind grows easily bored. All we must do is forgive, let go, and surrender deeper to the rhythm of our own breathing.

I recommend everyone at least try mindfulness for a week, if only 5 minutes a day (though the greatest benefit may be found in 30+ minutes) before shunning the practice.

If it is still not for you, guided meditations will work just fine.


While in mindfulness, the goal is simply to keep focus on the breath and not to control it, prāṇāyāma takes it a step further by utilizing the breath as a tool for awakening and healing the body. The point is to have control over the breath and channel it in different ways for various purposes.

Prāṇāyāma is popular in Kundalini Yoga traditions, a yoga focused on awakening the kundalini energy. This energy is the energy of consciousness; our life force, prana, or qi. It rests at the base of the spine, and is able to move fluidly throughout the body when our breath (prana) is able to move freely and fluidly through the body.

There is far more that goes into it, but I hope this gives you a basic idea of what prāṇāyāma is and how it can work for you. Here are suggested techniques to get started, as well as further reading if it is something that interests you.

Prāṇāyāma Techniques

Breath of Fire – Strengthen the nervous system; purify the bloodstream; energize, stimulate, wake up, and increase vitality.

In the last post on Spring Cleaning the Body, I offered a description on how to practice Breath of Fire. Check it out HERE.

Cannon Breath –  Cleanses and strengthens the parasympathetic nerves.

This Kriya (completed action/set of practices) is the same as Breath of Fire, except instead of breathing in through the nose one will breathe in through the mouth.

Set the mouth in an “O” shape that is not too rigid while remaining firm. The cheeks will not puff out while the breath moves forcefully in and out of the lungs.

Long, Deep Breathing – Calm the mind; balance the emotions; harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Many of us breath on autopilot, not fully exhaling or inhaling. With long, deep breaths, we make it a point to fill and empty the lungs to their fullest capacity.

Simply breath in slowly until the lungs are at their max, hold at the top for a few moments, then slowly release the air fully and draw the navel gently in toward the spine.

As this is a calming kriya, it is recommended to do this as slowly as is comfortable and work towards lengthening the inhales, exhales, and time between them.

Alternate Nostril Breathing – Energize and calm the nervous system. Balances the Left and Right Hemispheres of the brain, the masculine and feminine.

How to:

  • Begin seated with legs crossed in a comfortable seated position
  • Place the left hand on the left knee and exhale fully
  • Use the right thumb to close the right nostril and inhale slowly through the left nostril
  • Pause at the top of the inhale
  • Switch to closing the left nostril with the pinky of the right hand
  • Exhale slowly through the right nostril

This is one round

This practice should never be forced. It is a smooth transition of breathing. An easy way to keep focus and track the breath is to do this practice in counts of 4. Breath in for 4 counts, Hold for 4, Exhale for 4.

Do as many rounds as it feels comfortable for you.

Kirtan Kriya – Intuition, Emotional Balance and Mental Calm

This prāṇāyāma technique combines breathwork and mantra into a simple 30 minute meditation that connects one with their true, eternal nature.

This meditation revolves around chanting “Sat Nam” (true name) in 3 different voices.

How to:

  • Sit upon the calves and the heels if it is comfortable, if not, lotus or a chair with feet flat on the floor will work just fine.
  • Chant Sat Nam out loud for 5 minutes
  • Chant in a whisper for 5 minutes
  • Chant silently for 10 minutes
  • Chant in a whisper again for 5 minutes
  • Finish by chanting out loud again for 5 minutes

For more Prāṇāyāma techniques, I suggest checking out “Everyday Kundalini” by Kathryn McCusker (not sponsored). This book is a simple, easy-to-follow guide on how to utilize the breath to enhance various areas of the life.

Let go

Just as the Autumn season encourages us to shed our baggage, so too does that space between Winter and Spring.

The Spring season symbolizes growth, new life, awakening, and abundance. To invite in all of these amazing forces, we must first release anything that could potentially hold us back from accepting and integrating these blessings.

Here we will highlight rituals and practices and forgiveness, release, and invitation to bring greater harmony, reciprocity, and flow to our mental and emotional bodies.


Meaning “to make right relationships,” this ancient Hawaiian healing practice is used to support harmonious relationships between people, nature, and Spirit.

I personally use this practice regularly to heal relationships and past traumas within my own life. It is incredibly freeing and has allowed me to move forward with greater strength and gentleness from all harm and ill will I have experienced. I cannot guarantee it will work this well for everyone, but I do highly recommend trying it and sticking with it.

This practice can help one to recover interactions with people, themselves, this planet, and Spirit and experience a deep peace and forgiveness toward that experience.

The Prayer is as such: I Love You, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.

This can be combined with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

EFT utilizes the end points of energy meridians throughout the body to recall and release memories and emotions that have been stored within the body.

One can combine Ho’oponopono with EFT by tapping different points on the face and upper body while speaking the prayer.

How I practice Ho’oponopono

  1. Start seated or lying down in a comfortable position
  2. Bring awareness to the breath and begin to calm the body, melting away the day and returning to the present moment
  3. Bring to mind a memory or person where negative emotion about them has been stored in the body
  4. Begin speaking inwardly the Ho’oponopono prayer, forgiving who or what has been the catalyst for a negative emotional reaction or trauma. EFT is optional.
  5. Next, I keep speaking the prayer, this time with the intention of forgiving myself for any harm I could have done unto that person, acknowledging that I am not that person anymore and will no longer repeat those patterns.
  6. Once I feel content, light, and free, I give thanks for the space, take a deep breath, and close the practice by kissing my forehead to the ground.

Burning Ceremony

Fire has been an ancient of transformation and growth for centuries. It has long been revered by our ancestors, looked at as a God capable of taking away all that is no longer needed and stimulating new growth.

Fire is a potent ally in ritual and magic. Just looking into flames can offer a sense of deep inner calm, reverence, and knowing.

This burning ceremony allies with fire to release all that is no longer needed in our lives, and send up to the heavens what we wish to receive back into our physical reality.

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of paper (optional: match the paper color to what you are releasing or manifesting. Otherwise, plain brown or white paper is recommended)
  • Attraction Oil (X)
  • Banishing Oil (X)
  • A fireplace or campfire

Note: Any oil infused with the intention to be used for the purpose of attraction and banishing will do just fine.

The Spell:

  1. Build your fire and have it ready
  2. Write on one piece of paper all it is that you are releasing in multiples of 3
  3. Anoint the four corners with the Banishing oil, moving outwards from the center of the paper
  4. Carefully put the paper into the flames and speak a prayer along the lines of “I release you from my physical, mental, emotional, and energetic field to be transmuted into pure love and light,” or whatever feels good to you.
  5. Take a few moments to focus on breathing and feel the energy of what you had written leave your vessel
  6. Once the paper is done burning, write on the second paper all it is that you are inviting in. Write the same amount of things on this paper as you did the last paper.
  7. Anoint this paper with the Attraction Oil, moving inward from the outer four corners to the center.
  8. Release this paper into the flames and watch the smoke carrying your wishes to the heavens.
  9. Speak another prayer along the lines of “These energies I have released through sacred smoke are now one with the universe and as such one with me. I open myself to these blessings I am now receiving,” or whatever feels good for you.
  10. Sit in meditation for as long as you like, feeling and visualizing that all you are manifesting is already within you.
  11. Allow the fire to safely burn out completely to finish the ceremony, and give thanks for all of the energies working in the name of Great Spirit (or whatever energies you work with) for joining you for this ritual.

Dance and Sing

Similar to fire, Dancing and Singing has been used in ritual for ages. The only difference is that to dance and sing is to utilize the fires within ourselves to bring about change and transformation. Of course these modalities may also be used for other things such as to express emotion or praise. They can also be used to destroy and tear down, depending how they are channeled.

Dancing and singing is the raising and channeling of energy. They are useful in Spring cleaning because we can use them to bring up stuck energies and emotions within ourselves and release them, then attune ourselves to the frequencies we wish to experience more of during the Spring season.

It is not necessary to do both at the same time. You can certainly choose only to sing or only to dance. I like to combine both because dancing will shake things up inside, while song gives what has long laid sleeping within a voice to express itself and be released.

This practice can be as simple as making a few playlists and getting-down-with-it while cleaning around the house. If you would like to go deeper, here is a fun way to utilize dance and song to get energy moving!

Spring Dance Ritual

What you will need:

  • A playlist for letting go (Here is one I have already made on my Soundcloud)
  • A playlist for Inviting (This will be a playlist of whatever songs make you feel empowered or remind you of what you would like to invite into your life. Try and keep it short for the purpose of this ritual.)
  • A safe, roomy space
  • Comfortable clothes (or none – your choice. I don’t judge.)
  • Yourself!

Get Started


Begin with playing your “Letting Go” playlist

Start in a seated position on the floor, focusing on the breath

When you feel called, slowly begin to move the body as it feels good to you

Keep doing this until you are moving your whole body. Really get into it. Be okay with looking “strange” or moving in “weird” ways. The point is to raise energy and allow the body to move out what has been “stuck” within you.”

Continue doing this until you feel lighter and freer. You may begin to make noises such as laughing, crying, shouting, singing along with the music, or even singing words that bubble up from within you and beg to be spoken to the sky.

Once content, wind it back down and ground with the Earth by returning to the starting position, kissing your forehead to the floor.


Change the music to your playlist for manifestation.

Continuing the same sequence, allow your body and voice to move you. Give form through your vessel the life that lies within you, and wishes to be born into physical form this Spring season.

Finish the ritual by grounding, placing your forehead to the ground.

Optional: lay flat on your back, arms resting at your sides, and allow the ritual to fully sink in.

All suggested retail items in this article were not sponsored and are purely by my recommendation.

Spring Cleaning for the Body

The Spring Equinox is fast approaching, and the weather has made this known! As the seasons change, so do our bodies. All that was stored for the cold winter is now able to be released, including excess weight and toxins.

Our digestion is revving up as the sun stays in the sky for longer and our lungs are bracing for allergy season.

I am aware that this post is going out in the midst of the Coronavirus crises. With that in mind, the information in this article is also applicable as a necessary precaution to boost our bodies immunities and strength through these times.

This article is one of three on how to keep the body, mind, and energy field running smooth and healthy. Intentionally making the seasonal transition a graceful one. 


As the seasons change, so do our bodies. Entering Spring it is vital to support our Qi by cleansing the Lymphatic System, Detoxing the Liver, and Supporting Kidney Function.

This can be done in a few ways. First is through our diets.


When eating for the Springtime, we want to start switching those heavy chilis and stews to nutrient rich soups. Pass on the heavy meals and start indulging in lighter fare that incorporates bitter vegetables, fermented foods, raw fruits and vegetables, and herbs.


Easy Bitters to incorporate include: Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaves, Kale, Collard, Cruciferous Vegetables, Lettuce, Endive, and Green Tea

Another great option is to take a Bitters Tincture I love THIS ONE by Garden of Life (not sponsored).

A note on Green Tea: This herbal infusion is an excellent way to cleanse the body, steady the mind, and gently wake up the organ systems.  It is recommended to rinse the herb first, then steep for 1-3 minutes before consuming. Drink the tea in the morning in place of the morning coffee and notice the smooth, calm energy it offers.

Ferment It

I know many people will be put off by the idea of fermented foods. They can take some getting used to, but with all the options out there I highly recommend experimenting and finding something that works for you! After you have done that if you still do not like fermented foods, then a probiotic will be super beneficial (I take both!) however, you will not get the extra beneficial enzyme action that sour foods offer to aid digestion, dispel gas, and increase circulation.

Some fermented foods to consider are: 

  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Miso
  • Tempeh
  • Kombucha
  • Jun (Similar to kombucha, but made with green tea and honey)
  • Pickles
  • Greek Yogurt (I make my own plant-based version!)
  • Kefir (Can be found and made vegan)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Use as salad dressing OR drink in water with lemon/lime and honey! Yum!)

Digestive Spices

An easy way to aid our digestion and help it to get going again is through the use of spices. 

These spices stimulate digestion, remove excess “wind” from the body, boost circulation, and decrease inflammation: Curry, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cayenne, Fenugreek, Paprika, Fennel, Turmeric.


An easy way to clear toxins and waste from the body is to drink more water! Not a fan? Play with your water by adding different herbs and fruits to add some flavor! There is NO EXCUSE to not drink water. It is absolutely essential for our bodies functioning and it is a super easy way to feel great and energized.

Spring Iced Tea

  • 3 tbsp Chamomile
  • 1 tbsp Fresh Mint, Crushed
  • 1 inch Sliced Ginger
  • 1 tbsp Crushed Fennel
  • Splash of Aloe

Add all the herbs (except the Aloe) to a quart sized mason jar. Fill it with water and let it sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, strain out a cup at a time and serve with a splash of aloe vera juice. Optional: add honey or stevia, to taste.


Another great way to wake the body up from its Winter nap is through the use of herbs.

The focus here is on Gentle Cleansers – Alterative Herbs that support the cleansing functions of the Liver and Kidneys, as well as the Lymphatic System.

Amazing and generally safe herbs to work with include: Hibiscus, Rose, Mints, Hawthorn, Red Clover, Nettle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Violet, Chickweed.

To get the most of these herbs, I recommend making infusions. Simply put 1 ounce of the herb into a quart sized jar and fill it with hot water. Put the lid on and allow it to steep overnight before straining the tea out.

When working with Dandelion or Burdock Root, it is best to make a decoction. Use a tablespoon in 3 cups of water. Let it simmer for 20 minutes. Take the decoction off the heat and let it sit for another 20 minutes before straining.

With bitters like dandelion and burdock, it may be best to turn them into a coffee substitute (so many good recipes online!) or to consume as a tincture.

The Lymphatic System 

Our Lymph travels throughout the entire body clearing away wastes and producing special antibodies to “eat” any foreign invaders that enter the body. This makes it a star played in keeping our Immune System healthy and strong, preventing us from falling ill. Unfortunately, it does not clear wastes out its own and thus needs help. 

Clearing the Lymph

  • Dry Brushing
  • Gua Sha
  • Exfoliating (Salt and Sugar Scrubs)
  • Exercise 
    • 20 minutes of walking a day, minimum
    • Rebounding
    • Yoga


Movement is primal. We are always in constant motion. Our cells, blood, breath, and neurons are always on the move to keep us on the move. Exercise is just a way to tune into this primal nature and support our bodies as they grow day-to-day, year-to-year.

Movement also helps to release stress and anxiety while improving our mood, supports the release of toxins and waste from the body, and it can lengthen our lifespan.

It is not necessary to be running ultramarathons to get the most out of exercise. Simply walking or doing yoga daily for at least 20 minutes a day has its benefits. Explore with the options available, find what you like (or can tolerate), and commit to at least 3 times a week of moving your body in a way that feels good for you.


Last tip I will mention for Spring-Cleaning the body is Breathwork. The breath is a powerful tool that can be used to boost circulation, purify the blood, and increase digestive power. This is especially highlighted in practices such as Kundalini Yoga where the breath is a main focal point for all their poses.

Breathwork can be as simple as breathing fully in and fully out for a focused 5 minutes a day, or as rigorous as Breath of Fire for at least 30 seconds a day.

How to Practice Breath of Fire:

  1. Sit up tall, lengthening the space between your navel and your heart.
  2. Breathe in and out through the nose and start to pull your abdomen in during the exhale, and press it out during the inhale. Imagine your belly fills up with air during the inhale and use your abdominal muscles to push the air out during the exhale.
  3. Focus on making a strong exhale as you start to shorten each breath and pick up the pace. The breathing should be loud and quick.
  4. Equalize the inhale and the exhale in both strength and length.
  5. Finish with a long, smooth inhale in, holding at the top for four seconds, followed by a long, smooth exhale out.

The 3 C’s of a Well-Balanced Life

Through my psychology training and by observing my own life, I have come to find 3 C’s that are vital for living a balanced life. By bringing awareness to these 3 areas, how we engage with them and which ones we favor, we can then approach how we use our time constructively and engage with life on a deeper level.

The 3 C’s are: Consuming, Creating, and Communing.

Below we will explore these 3 C’s in a bit more depth to gain an understanding of what they are and how they can influence out lives.


Consuming is the C that we are often living in. Our society is built upon consumerism. We are always consuming through each of the senses as we interact with our immediate environment, gathering information and data so we know how to properly respond. This C is often out of balance for many people and it is vital to be mindful of HOW and WHAT we are consuming. How do you feel when reading headlines that are negative and seem hopeless? How do you feel when people are arguing, or simply when your home is not clean?

To put Consuming back into balance, we must be mindful of the media we are entertaining, the people we surround ourselves with, and how we craft our immediate environment. What helps me is to really focus on Love and Beauty. How can I infuse this space with more Love and Beauty? What can I read that I will truly Love reading and will leave me feeling energized rather than depleted? Who in my life leaves me feeling Loved after we meet? Keep these things in mind for all areas of life.

I made a post on Stress that would be worth checking out to offer an outline of areas in our lives where we can ask ourselves “How have I been consuming in this space, and what can I do to make it more lovely?”


Creating is the 2nd C that is a direct complement is Consuming. When we consume and fill ourselves with more and more information, we can easily become overwhelmed or run down. What is the point of learning so much and experiencing so much through our marvelous sense if we cannot share the gift with others? When we consume, inevitably there is a spark that wells up within us. A desire to do something more with what we have been given. The desire to create. Creating freely is one of the greatest gifts humans have been given. We create by our own free will and for the sake of creation itself. 

The next time inspiration hits, do not let it slide away. See where it takes you. This being said, for those who are inspired quite readily and easily, be mindful of all the threads that will pull at you. Use discretion and do what feels best and most aligned with your heart.

Creating offers relief. It frees us by taking something that was once only within our hearts and minds and brings it out into the world. Creating offers healing and inspiration. Not only is it healing to ourselves, but it can inspire others around us and inspires ourselves to keep committing to the things that bring us joy. Creativity connects us to the inner child, that place within us that longs to play, be free, and be fully present within the moment. It connects us with flow, one of the 3 pathways to living happily (discussed in an earlier post).

In the act of creativity, we also open our minds to be able to see the world from varying perspectives, no longer taking things at face value. We can think constructively, discover solutions to problems with greater ease, and in doing this we can reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Ways to Create:

  • Painting, Drawing, Crafting
  • Writing (Blog Posts, Journaling, Poetry, etc)
  • Dancing, Playing Music, Bodily Expression
  • Offering ideas and services to a group or organizations you are passionate about
  • Gardening, Redesigning/Rearranging the Home
  • & More… Get creative 😉


Communing is the red thread that ties this trio together. We enrich our own and each others lives by engaging in a community. We can inspire each other, broaden our perspectives through constructive communication, and create on grander scales than if we were to go it alone. We learn in new ways, develop deeper empathy and compassion, and overall spend life happier and more content when we know we have people in our lives who are loving and supporting us. 

Humans are social creatures by nature and rely upon each other for nearly everything. Think of all the people it took to grow your food and get it on the table. Those people who built the home you now dwell in or made the car you use to commute almost daily. We would be nothing without each other, and it is with each other we can flourish and thrive once we learn to accept each other as we are, offer a helping hand, and also know when to ask for help without feeling burdensome.

What are your thoughts on the 3 C’s? Is there anything that should be added or elaborated on? Let me know in the comments!

The Scientific Path to Lasting Happiness

For the most part, we all wish to live happy lives. At times, this simple wish can seem absolutely foreign and unattainable.

There are numerous factors that play into our wellbeing. The environment we are surrounded by, the people we interact with daily, our past experiences, and the amount of stress we are under on a regular basis are just a few examples of the ways our mood can be heavily impacted.

We may eat healthy, have amazing friends and a dream job, and go to the gym regularly – but it can still feel at times that we have hit a wall and are unable to move past it.

What, then can swing us into a steady experience of happiness? Is it even possible?

According to Dr, Martin Seligman, pioneer in Positive Psychology, the answer is yes. He has even developed a scientifically proven model to build a life of greater happiness.

That model is called PERMA.

The PERMA model is made up of five parts: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments. The theory is, that by building these five core elements of psychological well-being within our own lives, we will be able to experience authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Positive Emotion

Though it may seem a bit obvious and vague, positive emotion is more than it may seem on the surface. It is not just laughing with friends, smiling, and generally trying to have a good time. Positive emotion implies the ability to remain optimistic throughout life. It requires us to look at our past and present constructively in order to build a better future for ourselves, and even set attainable goals that we feel good about. It is not about simple pleasures, such as indulging in sweet treats and a glass of wine. Rather, it is about doing the things that bring out our playfulness and creativity while engaging us intellectually. Those things such as writing a blog post about a topic we are passionate about, tending to a garden, working on a puzzle, or painting.


Extending upon the idea of choosing those activities that bring about positive emotion, we could go so far as to ask ourselves, “What in my life puts me into a state of flow?”

“Flow” is referring to the state where time seems to stop and we become fully engaged in what it is we are doing. Our minds and senses become fully involved with the task at hand. A good example would be a musician who becomes entirely swept away by the music. It is a full body experience and the world around them seems to fall away. It is just the musician and their instrument.

A similar experience happens for writers, painters, and other creatives as they become fully absorbed in their work to the point of looking up suddenly to realize the sun had set and they had accidentally missed lunch and dinner.

Engagement is all about discovering what that flow state is for you. It could be a creative project, running, sports, or any other type of hobby. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that absorbs you fully into the present moment, and “stretches [your] intelligence, skills, and emotional capabilities.” [X]


Humans, from the beginning of our evolution, have been social creatures. We are reliant on each other for comfort, safety, and feelings of belonging. To be alone was to be an outcast, kicked out of the tribe for some wrongdoing and left alone to fend for the self. It was a death sentence.

These feelings around relationships are still deeply embedded within our DNA. We all have that deep desire to belong and be part of a collective that is bigger than ourselves. If we are not careful, this can lead us to building relationships with those who give us attention but do not leave us feeling supported and fulfilled at the end of the night.

Having healthy relationships with people we love, trust, and can be ourselves around with full acceptance is absolutely vital for our health and well-being and humans.

In order to thrive, we must create a tribe around us where we are valued as individuals and can practice skills such as love and intimacy. This feeling of deep belonging will lift us from feelings of isolation and separateness, which are so present and rooted in today’s culture.

This can be done by building upon existing relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. One could also join clubs, groups, or volunteer to bond with like-minded individuals.


Ah, the ever elusive question that has haunted the minds of men for millennia: What is the meaning of it all?

Well, that is for us to decide. Without going too deep into the meaning of the universe – we can decide what our own lives mean to us and what we intend to do with them.

Those who live happiest and the longest [X] often have a deep sense of purpose in life. They hold something dear to their heart that is much larger than themselves and that gets them out of bed in the morning.

We may not know why the human race exists, but we can choose what will give us the most fulfillment each day while we are on this Earth.

This can be having a deep sense of spirituality or religion, volunteering, teaching or raising children, or being involved in creative projects – just to name a few. 

The activities that give our lives meaning are also often connected to those activities that put us into the aforementioned “flow state.” What activities do you already find yourself doing that offer you a sense of joy and fulfillment? In discovering what gives your life meaning, this question could be a great place to start.


Let’s face it: we love winning. It feels good to set out for a goal and achieve what we have set our minds to.

When we do not set goals for ourselves, or when we find ourselves in a loop of failing at what we try to attain, it can be discouraging to the point of draining motivation and leaving us feeling stuck.

Accomplishment encourages us to set attainable, realistic goals that encourage us, rather than deplete us. In doing this, we are likely to experience more accomplishment in our lives and as a result, we may push ourselves to thrive even more.

Starting small towards a big picture is the way towards experiencing greater accomplishment and happiness within our lives.

Applying PERMA

Now that we know the PERMA model, how do we apply it?

In summary, PERMA encourages us to:

  1. Be positive and optimistic as much as possible and to continuously look toward the bright side.
  2. Discover those things in our lives that ground us in the present and spark joy.
  3. Focus on the healthy relationships in our lives and keep finding ways to connect.
  4. Find a meaning or purpose in life that resonates and empowers us toward action.
  5. Celebrate our accomplishments and strive for further achievement.

Keeping these five points in mind, we may begin experiencing greater joy and lasting happiness within our lives.

Diseases Aren’t the Killers… but This Is.

I recently watched the documentary “Heal” again and was reminded of a critical truth: Stress is the biggest killer.

All diseases are stress related diseases. Whether that be physical, emotional, or mental stress.

Even if a disease is genetic, it requires stress as a trigger to turn it on and allow it to grow.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of how it all works. Awareness simply needs to be brought to the environment we are in, and that we create within ourselves.

Stress can be found in the work place, our relationships, our families, and on our commute to work.

It is also triggered by the foods we consume, whether they be inflammatory or anti-inflammatory, the air we breath (microplastics, chemicals, pollution, car fumes), the water we drink (more chemicals, agricultural run off, pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and birth-control).

Stress can even be weighed on us from exercising too hard, studying too long, or straining our eyes from looking at our phones.

We are surrounded by stress triggers which then lead to diseases and illness within the body.

Holistic healing is about treating the whole system, so simply taking some Ashwaghnda or Turmeric pills won’t quite get the job done. Herbs and pills can be helpful allies to teach the body to adapt or to cover up symptoms, but they don’t get to the root of the issue.

Stress has to be looked at in each area of our lives.
Environment (Our home and the place we live)
Emotional management

I’m sure we could create more groups to identify stress in, but these are a simple foundation to begin looking at ourselves and really checking in to see how we are feeling.

This is a simple exercise I use in my coaching program. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate each category based upon your well being in that area. 1 being lowest, 10 being highest.

Once we identify the areas that are on the lower end, we can begin doing the work that can get those numbers as close to 10 as possible.

To learn more about my coaching practice and how it can help you reach those “10s,” check out the Coaching Page.

Lasting Happiness: What Does It Take?

Happiness. The elusive feeling that comes and goes as surely as the wind blows. That emotion which pops up seemingly out of nowhere, and can be gone just as quickly.

In a world where people are ridden with mental illness, anxieties, stressors, and depression – what do we have to do to get some peace and joy around here?

Turns out, we know how.

This article will be based upon the teachings of Positive Psychology (coined by Abraham Maslow), a field of study pioneered by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman.

In his decades of study, he and his team have found there to be three main paths to happiness: The Pleasant Life, The Good Life, and The Meaningful Life. Let us explore each of these one-at-a-time.

The Pleasurable Life

The Pleasant Life (TPL) is akin to the American Dream. It revolves around a steady income, a house that can truly be called home, and spending time with those we love and cherish to have in our lives.

It also includes filling our space with things that bring us joy, such as, for example: a book shelf of our favorite novels, candles that invoke memories of good times in life, art from our hearts or that speaks to them, that fresh pot of coffee in the morning, and the bubble bath with Epsom salts that is well-deserved after a long day at work. TPL speaks of the little things that fill our space and time, filling us with joy in the moments they are present.

This way of living has many benefits. At face value, it seems as if TPL is something earned with time and money. It requires deep meaningful relationships and laughing deeply, often. Yet, that is not all it implies.

The Pleasant Life, at its core, is about looking at the past with a constructive view, thinking hopefully about the future based upon what we have learned in the past, and as a result, gaining happiness in the present moment. It allows us to move on from what has been and truly appreciate what is right in front of us.

The Good Life

While The Pleasant Life focuses on sparking joy through externalities, The Good Life begins our journey inwards. It starts from within the individual.

When is the last time you experienced “flow?” That moment when time seemingly stops. You become so absorbed in what you are doing that the moment from sunrise to sunset seems to spill into itself.

This is what we commonly see in those who do sports like football, or artists who become so immersed in their painting that they lose themselves and forget to eat.

Flow is that feeling that brings us

entirely into ourselves. Into the present moment. We may not be very emotional during this time, as no emotions are hung onto long enough to truly manifest. We move through each moment as steady as the breath fills and empties our lungs.

Flow looks different for each person, and can be sparked from any activity that feels grounding and good for the individual. Once someone finds their flow and devotes themselves to it, nothing else really matters. This immersion in the flow state is part of what monks had spent years trying to perfect within their own lives. It is stoic in nature and often leads to a life of contentment.

Those who have found their flow may neglect some other areas of life, such as The Pleasant Life. In finding The Good Life has brought them such inner peace, it may not seem as important to seek out other forms of pleasure; Those that can be bought, or even relationships.

Those in The Good Life have a tendency to be rather unemotional. They remain level-headed and at peace within themselves for the most part. This can be off-putting for some people, yet fulfilling and eternally enriching for those who have cultivated it for themselves.

The Meaningful Life

I believe it is in our nature to search for meaning. We all crave that deep sense of knowing. After awhile, we may begin to realize that much of the meaning in our own lives stems from the meaning we give it. We choose the things that give our life substance and purpose, in hopes of making it more meaningful.

The Meaningful Life (TML) is for those who have cultivated meaning that resonates with them. More often than not, this meaning is found in acts of service and surrendering ourselves to a higher purpose.

Whether this be through religion, activism, charity, volunteering, or the like. The Meaningful Life requires us to think beyond ourselves and remember that we are part of something much bigger. In finding our joy through TML, we are able to share that joy with others. We can relate with others through it. We can make a difference in our world with tangible – sometimes unseen, yet felt – results.

It is no longer simply “me and mine.” It has become “we, us, and ours.” This is the core of TML. “What do I have to offer that can be of service to the greatest good of all? In what ways can I help?”

How They Compare

You may be wondering: Does it matter what path I choose? Does one lead to more joy than the other?

Short answer would be… yes.

Each path has something to offer, however, two stand out as the paths that offer the most happiness: The Meaningful Life and The Good Life.

Though The Pleasant Life has many benefits, it is a path that is variable. It does not offer as steady a supply of happiness as the other two. TPL can be looked at more as “the cherry on top.”

Between The Meaningful Life and The Good Life, the variability in joy they offered among individuals experienced them was slight enough to not have a significant difference.

It can be concluded that by building a foundation in either TML or TGL, and indulging in TPL when opportunities are present, we are made able to experience that ever-longed-for happiness on a sustained basis.

What do you think? What category might you fall into? Which would you like to explore more? Leave a comment and follow for more articles on health and wellness.


Apples: Can an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?


We all know the famous phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Well, there is some truth to that.

Apple’s are high in Fiber, Vitamin C, Malic and Tantaric Acids, Phytonutrients, Antioxidants, and More!

+ Aid in removal of heavy metals from the body
+ Alkalizing
+ Hydrating on a cellular level
+ Detoxifying to the organs, ESPECIALLY the Liver
+ Removes worms and parasites
+ “Sweeps” the digestive tract of impurities and prevents putrefication from excess protein
+ Relieves constipation
+ Limits fat build up and absorption by adipose cells
+ Protects against autoimmune disorders and a variety of diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Simply eating an apple or two a day isn’t a sure-fire cureall, but adding them into a daily routine is an easy way to add valuable nutrients and fiber into the diet.

I personally eat 2 a day and have noticed a significant difference in how light I feel throughout the day. I have even noticed my skin remaining clearer and getting brighter (maybe from the Vitamin C?)

There are numerous ways to add apples into the diet. Eating them whole (raw or baked), chopping them up in cereal or oatmeal, or enjoying them sliced with some nut or seed butter.

No matter how you cut it (pun intended), apples are a worthy addition to any diet.

Sustainability is a Movement of Harmony. Your Participation Matters.

I love that feeling when I walk into nature and suddenly the world feels bigger.

I feel as tall as the tree tops and expansive as the winds themselves.
Other great feelings include waking up in the morning to hear birds chirping out the window, and when the sun shines brightly through the blinds as if happy to see me.

Especially this time of year, with soft blankets of snow on the ground, glittering golden in the light as it softly falls. The light and sounds of nature are more than welcome as a reminder of the life that persists even in the winter season.

There is no greater place to feel at home than nature. She reminds us we are all deeply cared and provided for. That our needs are met and we will always have a place to rest, food to eat, and water to drink. She is our first mother and the one that walks with us our whole lives, reminding us the extent to which we belong and are Whole, part of a vast web of family from varying species.

Unfortunately, at some point we started to forget this as a collective. We retreated to our individual homes, began using the land as a servant, and forgot the sacredness of working with Nature instead of todays practice of making nature work for us.

We spray insecticides and pesticides, to make a profit, only to destroy the vast ecosystem that makes nutritious and tasty foods. We’ve polluted the land and in turn polluted ourselves.

We clear cut forests and homes of millions of plant and animal species, leading them to extinction and the native tribes of the land with it.

I am not trying to strike fear, panic, or even guilt into your heart. Only to bring a greater awareness to the issue at hand. We all already know that this world isn’t perfect, and that each day there are people in the world suffering from our purchases and mass consumerism.

These are difficult issues to digest, but they must be taken seriously by every individual who has been made aware. Ignorance is not bliss when it destroys the hope of a future for billions.

My intention now is to remind you from that which we came from and what connects us all.

Of the planet that build our bodies, relaxes our minds, and ensures clean air for us to breath.

The planet never means to turn against us, only to restore balance so that all life may thrive. If we are the parasites stomping on that chance, the planet has no qualms with wiping us out.

The issue lies in that we have turned against nature and become self fulfilling beings, distracted and blinded by media, corporate companies, and a government that cares not for public health and safety, only to make a profit on exploitation.

It doesn’t have to be this way, either. We have options. Sustainability is a growing movement that numerous companies have begun to get on board with. The Zero Waste Movement is at large, as more and more people are reducing their impact on the planet by lessening consumption and switching to products that are free of packaging and chemicals.

Educating ourselves, taking our power back, and making a difference on an individual level is one of the greatest positive impacts we can have on this planet.

Not only does the ripple affect lead to major changes over time, but it also sends a signal to those in power to move in the direction of sustainability. By voting with our dollar for sustainable products, organic produce, and renewable energy we are showing the government where our economy will thrive.

We have become slaves to a system that denies the fundamental truth of our nature: that we are fully provided for, safe, and secure thanks to mother earth and that by protecting this life source, we are protecting the sanctity of life itself.

We are empathetic beings meant to connect with each other, relate, support, and provide for each other through the gifts mother nature offers us. We have taken advantage of these gifts through the extraction of fossil fuels and agriculture done in a way the degrades the land of all life and nutrients.

That being said, it is never too late to change our ways and learn to live in harmony with nature, rather than against it.

To learn more about how you can get involved in the sustainability movement within your own home, check out these posts from Sustainable September.