I had a second birth when my soul and my body loved one another and were married. — Khalil Gibran

Something is stirring inside, and has been for awhile, that demands to be heard and unleashed.

There are deep desires that wish to be unfolded, karmic chords that long to be stripped away, and voices that wish to sing new life into the world.
This is all happening inside you. At this moment. That is why you are here.

Imagine this:

You have full confidence in who you are. You have developed a deep clarity in what it is you wish for your life to look like, and this vision is unfolding effortlessly.

You feel magnetic. All you have to do is take a deep breath, and what you wish for is yours.

You are more aligned with yourself and this world than you have ever felt before. Completely revitalized, energized, and full of joy and appreciation for every moment.

Your Circadian Rhythm has been realigned and moves in time to the hums of Mama Gaia.

You are completely healed – inside and out.

You no longer look outside of yourself for answers. They are already all inside of you, and you know how to access them whenever you need to.

You are your own Guru.

You know that you are meant for something greater. Whether that be in your health, career, relationships, or lifestyle.

Something needs to change. There are things within you holding you back that are dying to be released, so that a new garden may grow within your soul.

It is time to transform everything you have been carrying into the power that is going to propel your deepest desires into reality.

Life Alchemy is designed to support just that- transformation.

This One-on-One Coaching program is a potent container that allows the space for you to dive deep into the inner workings of your subconscious mind, so we may come to understand that which is keeping you from living life truly empowered, confident, and joyful in every moment.

In this understanding, all that keeps you bound loses power and naturally falls away, allowing space for your dreams to enter into your life.

I intend on helping you reprogram your lifestyle into a supportive environment that sustains your growth and keeps you moving forward in a healthy, positive way.

Life Alchemy is Whole-istic.

Here, we address all areas of health: Energetic, Emotional, Physical, and Mental.

There is much more to health than meets the eye, and together we may begin to uncover the true meaning behind your dis-ease in life.

I will be your loving, supportive guide through this all.
I am Danielle, Holistic Health Coach, Life Alchemist and Energy Aligner.



I created Life Alchemy out of my pure desire to help you heal and thrive, through everything I have learned and experienced through my own journey.

This program is always evolving and growing, developing more to offer you and your highest self.
I truly believe each and every one of us are meant to live inspired lives, full of love, joy, and inner peace.
You deserve to have your desires fulfilled, and to live healthy and happy.

If you agree, fill out the form below to take the first step into the life of your dreams.
I will be in contact with you ASAP to set up a consultation. If you have any questions or comments first, feel free to drop those in as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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