About Us


“I am my own healer. I have a radiant voice within that guides me. I can make decisions for myself. I can rely on others as needed, but at my discretion. It is my body, my health, my balance, and my responsibility to make right choices for myself. Right choices include working with competent health-care professionals when necessary, allowing friends and family to help as needed, and, above all, being true to my beliefs, with the wisdom and willingness to change as part of the path of healing.”

― Rosemary Gladstar

Make Magic

Welcome to Feather Heart Apothecary! Here, our mission is simple. We want you to feel empowered to take your health and livelihood into your own hands. Learn your own unique bodily needs, nourish your body, mind, and soul on the deepest level. Feel empowered to call the therapist, the doctor, to do your own research, and to make the choices you know are going to support your highest good – and thus, the greatest good of all.

Herbalism is more than a pill or a cup of tea. It is a way of being. Of aligning with our most authentic selves. It is knowing we must eat a well-rounded diet for the medicines to take root and be most effective. It is knowing when we have bit off more than we can chew and need to reach out to others for support. Herbalism is taking the time to slow down and enjoy the process of getting to know mother natures gifts in all her abundance. It is also being grateful and giving thanks for every moment, every meal, every loved one who supports us on our journey to our highest alignment.

Feather Heart Apothecary was named because our mission is for you to feel light as a feather with the use of our products. They are crafted with the intention in mind that you may leave your worries, fears, and burdens at the door and step into a moment of solace. We hope these products may be healing for you. That they make the shadows more bearable and help you strengthen your connection to your own inner light.

We also offer custom products tailored to your specific needs, because here at the Apothecary, we honor Every Body is unique and different, and that is something to be celebrated. Not sure what you might need? A tea, tincture, reiki session, or maybe just someone to say hello back and wish you a nice day? We can provide that. Just Contact Us to get started.

Meet The Maker

Danielle is a queer, non-binary witch on a mission to ensure the power of plants is in the hands of the people. They are a Certified Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Health Coach.

They are an Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Gemini Rising.

When they aren’t indulging in creative projects, reading, or herb crafting, they are cuddling their children (cats): Cat (yes, a cat named Cat) and Freyja.

Cat has been in the family for the past 5 years.

She is a big lover and wants nothing more than long naps and cuddles all day long.

Her morning routine is to wake up Danielle by flopping onto their face, then purring madly until she receives adequate pre-nap pets.

Her favorite exercise is laying on Danielle’s tummy while they do crunches.

Freyja came in the family as a kitten 6 years ago.

She is an independent woman who finds the most enjoyment in solitude, walking aimlessly through the houseplants.

When the weather is nice, she loves to go on walks and embrace her fierce inner huntress.

Until then, she bears the fierce winter by tormenting the fish (Primopal Rosalita Bettafinna the First) and hunting patiently for that dreaded red laser.

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