Scorpio Full Moon – Celebrate Your Uniqueness and Reclaim Your Magic

Scorpio Full Moon

Beloved Scorpio.

A sign of deep feeling and transformation that reaches deep into the bones of our ancestors.

Scorpio – the sign of power, sexuality, and communal growth through righteously channeled emotions.

Element: Water

Planets: Mars (War, Passion, Sex, Action) and Pisces (Mystery, Esoteric Knowledge, Death, Transformation)

Modality: Fixed

House: 8th House – House of Sex

The Full Moon

A time for gratitude and celebration.

A threshold teetering on the space between the micro and macrocosm.

A valuable time where we are given a choice. A choice to use our power of awareness and intention to move our life’s spiral with upward or downward momentum.

Extra focus is being given to how we use our emotions to manifest the world we see around us.

We are encouraged to embrace our power – that life force intimately tied to our sexuality and nature – that awakens our senses and reminds us we are alive, yet time is fleeting.

Will we live for today or continue our existence in the past or future ideations?

Are there ways we are stopping our flow of energy – our sexuality/kundalini/Tao/Life force – by holding onto long worn belief systems?

Now is the time to develop a space of inner harmony within our hearts. Locate those areas where we are out of balance and transform the shadows that try to hide our own birthright of feeling abundant and empowered in all we do. There is no need to dim our light. We were born of star dust – and I know for a fact our celestial ancestors never dim their shine for anybody.

There has been a calling to delve deep into the shadows and bring about this deep transformation encouraged by Scorpio energy.

But how?

We can become aware of our shadow and our blockages, but what comes next? How does the transformation happen?

First: Pause. Take a deep breath. To sit with our shadows we have to actually do that – take a seat. Slow down. Breath into the stillness and let whatever needs to be seen and heard rise from deep within you. Create that space. Build that relationship with yourself and those things you have been holding onto.

The Taurus Sun is lending us strength, security, and support right now to do this deep energy transformation. We are fully supported and there is no better time to step into our next-level badass-ness than right now.

Next, the Full Moon holds the key to this alchemical process – Celebration and Gratitude.

We can clear emotional blockages by planting seeds of the opposite energy, thereby neutralizing it and integrating the lesson hid within.

When something arises from the stillness that feels less-than-desirable, we can shift that energy by offering it love, forgiveness, and compassion.

One way we can do that is through affirmation.

“I am stupid.” –> “I celebrate my unique knowledge that comes from years of experience and the ways it helps me connect with others.”

“I am ugly.” –> “I am grateful for my body and how it tries its absolute best to support me and keep me healthy every day. This inspires me to do my best on supporting it as well.”

“I am poor.” –> “I am grateful I have my base needs met and celebrate those opportunities where I may indulge even a little.”

Another way of shifting energy is the Ho’ponopono prayer. If there is something in our energy field that needs forgiveness – for ourselves or others – we can utilize this simple and effective prayer to bring about a positive shift.

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

No matter what the experience was, the suffering and pain that is attached to it is often a two-way street. This prayer acknowledges that each day we wake up, none of us are immune from doing harm. Our job is to do our best to stop the cycle and free ourselves and others karmically from the suffering that has been done by releasing it from our energy field.

Learn more about this prayer and other forms of energy healing here.

This may sound cliché or too simple to be effective, but I would not be sharing this if it has not worked for me personally.

I use to fear when the Scorpio New and Full moons came around because I was not able to face my own emotions and patterns of thinking. I was afraid of looking into the depths of my own mind and admitting that in many ways – I was sabotaging my own growth.

This process of transformation is a lifelong journey and I am far from perfect – but affirmation and planting seeds of love and compassion has been absolutely life changing.

Learning to celebrate myself and my uniqueness made me a direct channel for more experiences worth celebrating to find their way to me.

Scorpio is also about MAGNETISM.

We are magnets! The frequency we emit, whether positive or negative, will attract more experiences along that same frequency.

I know what you are thinking: but… opposites attract with magnets.

Yes. This is true too. You will inevitably attract more of the opposite to you as you increase your frequency to be more positive.

Yet, all of these experiences are drawn to you because they may be transformed with seeds of love and compassion as well. Because these experiences are inevitably helping you – and whatever that experience/person/thing is – to grow into the highest alignment possible for the greatest good.

Being able to hold space and be of service to the growth of others is something that will be a slow evolution with our own growth process. It is not something that can be rushed and requires we set boundaries so as not to be taken advantage of. However, in surrendering to the flow of reciprocity and trusting that we will be provided for while expecting nothing in return from those we give to, we are opening ourselves to a flow of abundance much larger than ourselves that allows us to be of greater service to the whole. Ultimately – as channels for Spirit.

You are a CHANNEL. Like a radio. You get to choose what frequency you emit by doing the work, transforming your shadow, sitting in stillness with your dense emotions, and taking ownership and responsibility for all that you are and all that you do.

It sounds daunting but it is a GIFT. When you step up to that threshold and sing to the heavens “I am ready to embrace and integrate my highest potential,” that is when the healing happens. That is when you begin to see your life and the world around you change for the better.

Truth is – we are all healers. We heal by unapologetically being who we are and giving others permission to do the same by doing so.

Scorpio – and a Scorpio moon especially – can have some difficulty opening up to others. Being vulnerable and trusting people – especially when hurt before, and KNOWING when we increase our radiance it will attract the opposite energies – can be a scary thing!

This is why it is so vital to tune into intuition. That energy of Spirit. Our deep, inner knowing. This is something Scorpio knows very well and has a strong connection to. All that is required is that we trust ourselves when these instincts surface as we navigate outer (and inner) experiences. Trust that our connection to our intuition will lead us down a path that ultimately is leading towards positive, practical growth and transformative healing.

We need each other to heal. We need people who are like-minded, can hold us accountable, who can hold up a mirror to our own bullshit (pardon my French), and even celebrate with us all the amazing successes that we ourselves will often overlook.

Scorpio rules the 8th house. This is the house of sex, death, and rebirth. It is the level playing field where we can acknowledge that we are all experiencing the same cycles, the same primordial energy and mortality inherent in life’s experience. It demonstrates how because we are all inevitably connected through this ancient thread – we can grow tremendously by building strong and healthy relationships with others.

We are is billions of expressions of the same universal spark flowing throughout all of nature. We are harmony, love, creation, growth, rebirth, and alchemy at its finest.

For this Scorpio Full Moon, I invite you to celebrate your uniqueness. Sit in stillness and listen to your own hearts love for you. Look at your shadow as an old, neglected friend that is simply in need of some compassion in order to start healing. Be a channel for unconditional love and spread that shit like a wildfire in the darkest of places (with permission of course – there is no rushing healing).

Journaling Questions

What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing this past moon cycle?

Write a letter to yourself from your highest self. What would they say? What do they want you to know? In what ways are they proud of your growth thus far?

In what ways have you been showing up for yourself and your highest alignment?

How can you reclaim your emotions and sexuality to release blockages in your energetic field and increase your ability to radiate love, compassion, and dare I say – righteous anger to make life a more beautiful experience?

If this alchemical path of deep transformation intrigues you, then I offer you the ability to dive deeper through One-on-One Coaching with me. Visit here to set up a discovery call and learn how Life Alchemy can help you align with your soul’s destiny.

Work better in a group setting? Want a community of likeminded high-vibrational individuals to grow with? Check out Temple of the Maiden – a journey through mythos and the moon cycles designed to bring out your own unique rhythms of abundance and connection to nature. Starts each New Moon. Sign up here.

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