The 3 C’s of a Well-Balanced Life

Through my psychology training and by observing my own life, I have come to find 3 C’s that are vital for living a balanced life. By bringing awareness to these 3 areas, how we engage with them and which ones we favor, we can then approach how we use our time constructively and engage with life on a deeper level.

The 3 C’s are: Consuming, Creating, and Communing.

Below we will explore these 3 C’s in a bit more depth to gain an understanding of what they are and how they can influence out lives.


Consuming is the C that we are often living in. Our society is built upon consumerism. We are always consuming through each of the senses as we interact with our immediate environment, gathering information and data so we know how to properly respond. This C is often out of balance for many people and it is vital to be mindful of HOW and WHAT we are consuming. How do you feel when reading headlines that are negative and seem hopeless? How do you feel when people are arguing, or simply when your home is not clean?

To put Consuming back into balance, we must be mindful of the media we are entertaining, the people we surround ourselves with, and how we craft our immediate environment. What helps me is to really focus on Love and Beauty. How can I infuse this space with more Love and Beauty? What can I read that I will truly Love reading and will leave me feeling energized rather than depleted? Who in my life leaves me feeling Loved after we meet? Keep these things in mind for all areas of life.

I made a post on Stress that would be worth checking out to offer an outline of areas in our lives where we can ask ourselves “How have I been consuming in this space, and what can I do to make it more lovely?”


Creating is the 2nd C that is a direct complement is Consuming. When we consume and fill ourselves with more and more information, we can easily become overwhelmed or run down. What is the point of learning so much and experiencing so much through our marvelous sense if we cannot share the gift with others? When we consume, inevitably there is a spark that wells up within us. A desire to do something more with what we have been given. The desire to create. Creating freely is one of the greatest gifts humans have been given. We create by our own free will and for the sake of creation itself. 

The next time inspiration hits, do not let it slide away. See where it takes you. This being said, for those who are inspired quite readily and easily, be mindful of all the threads that will pull at you. Use discretion and do what feels best and most aligned with your heart.

Creating offers relief. It frees us by taking something that was once only within our hearts and minds and brings it out into the world. Creating offers healing and inspiration. Not only is it healing to ourselves, but it can inspire others around us and inspires ourselves to keep committing to the things that bring us joy. Creativity connects us to the inner child, that place within us that longs to play, be free, and be fully present within the moment. It connects us with flow, one of the 3 pathways to living happily (discussed in an earlier post).

In the act of creativity, we also open our minds to be able to see the world from varying perspectives, no longer taking things at face value. We can think constructively, discover solutions to problems with greater ease, and in doing this we can reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Ways to Create:

  • Painting, Drawing, Crafting
  • Writing (Blog Posts, Journaling, Poetry, etc)
  • Dancing, Playing Music, Bodily Expression
  • Offering ideas and services to a group or organizations you are passionate about
  • Gardening, Redesigning/Rearranging the Home
  • & More… Get creative 😉


Communing is the red thread that ties this trio together. We enrich our own and each others lives by engaging in a community. We can inspire each other, broaden our perspectives through constructive communication, and create on grander scales than if we were to go it alone. We learn in new ways, develop deeper empathy and compassion, and overall spend life happier and more content when we know we have people in our lives who are loving and supporting us. 

Humans are social creatures by nature and rely upon each other for nearly everything. Think of all the people it took to grow your food and get it on the table. Those people who built the home you now dwell in or made the car you use to commute almost daily. We would be nothing without each other, and it is with each other we can flourish and thrive once we learn to accept each other as we are, offer a helping hand, and also know when to ask for help without feeling burdensome.

What are your thoughts on the 3 C’s? Is there anything that should be added or elaborated on? Let me know in the comments!

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