Sustainability is a Movement of Harmony. Your Participation Matters.

I love that feeling when I walk into nature and suddenly the world feels bigger.

I feel as tall as the tree tops and expansive as the winds themselves.
Other great feelings include waking up in the morning to hear birds chirping out the window, and when the sun shines brightly through the blinds as if happy to see me.

Especially this time of year, with soft blankets of snow on the ground, glittering golden in the light as it softly falls. The light and sounds of nature are more than welcome as a reminder of the life that persists even in the winter season.

There is no greater place to feel at home than nature. She reminds us we are all deeply cared and provided for. That our needs are met and we will always have a place to rest, food to eat, and water to drink. She is our first mother and the one that walks with us our whole lives, reminding us the extent to which we belong and are Whole, part of a vast web of family from varying species.

Unfortunately, at some point we started to forget this as a collective. We retreated to our individual homes, began using the land as a servant, and forgot the sacredness of working with Nature instead of todays practice of making nature work for us.

We spray insecticides and pesticides, to make a profit, only to destroy the vast ecosystem that makes nutritious and tasty foods. We’ve polluted the land and in turn polluted ourselves.

We clear cut forests and homes of millions of plant and animal species, leading them to extinction and the native tribes of the land with it.

I am not trying to strike fear, panic, or even guilt into your heart. Only to bring a greater awareness to the issue at hand. We all already know that this world isn’t perfect, and that each day there are people in the world suffering from our purchases and mass consumerism.

These are difficult issues to digest, but they must be taken seriously by every individual who has been made aware. Ignorance is not bliss when it destroys the hope of a future for billions.

My intention now is to remind you from that which we came from and what connects us all.

Of the planet that build our bodies, relaxes our minds, and ensures clean air for us to breath.

The planet never means to turn against us, only to restore balance so that all life may thrive. If we are the parasites stomping on that chance, the planet has no qualms with wiping us out.

The issue lies in that we have turned against nature and become self fulfilling beings, distracted and blinded by media, corporate companies, and a government that cares not for public health and safety, only to make a profit on exploitation.

It doesn’t have to be this way, either. We have options. Sustainability is a growing movement that numerous companies have begun to get on board with. The Zero Waste Movement is at large, as more and more people are reducing their impact on the planet by lessening consumption and switching to products that are free of packaging and chemicals.

Educating ourselves, taking our power back, and making a difference on an individual level is one of the greatest positive impacts we can have on this planet.

Not only does the ripple affect lead to major changes over time, but it also sends a signal to those in power to move in the direction of sustainability. By voting with our dollar for sustainable products, organic produce, and renewable energy we are showing the government where our economy will thrive.

We have become slaves to a system that denies the fundamental truth of our nature: that we are fully provided for, safe, and secure thanks to mother earth and that by protecting this life source, we are protecting the sanctity of life itself.

We are empathetic beings meant to connect with each other, relate, support, and provide for each other through the gifts mother nature offers us. We have taken advantage of these gifts through the extraction of fossil fuels and agriculture done in a way the degrades the land of all life and nutrients.

That being said, it is never too late to change our ways and learn to live in harmony with nature, rather than against it.

To learn more about how you can get involved in the sustainability movement within your own home, check out these posts from Sustainable September.

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