Break Free of “Magic Pills” and Fad Diets

When I was working as a nutritionist and selling supplements there was one trend that continuously broke my herbalist heart.

Every day people would come in for that “magic pill.” The one-size-fits-all cure to every one of their problems.

Only, alternative medicine doesn’t work like that. People would return things after a week or even a day claiming some herbal pill or supplement didn’t work for them.

When it comes to herbal and nutritional healing, there is no one-size-fits-all. We are all made as unique individuals, and so are our natural medicines!

I believe there are herbs and a diet fit for each person, but to find out what that is – we have to see each individual as a whole.

People are quick to buy up whatever the hot new supplement is they saw on Dr. Oz. Little do people consider the energetics of herbal medicines and how the constitution of an herb may reflect and balance their own.

Quick are people to hop on new fad diets and weight loss trends, but how often do they consider their blood type, bodily constitution, and ancestral lineage?

There is no magic pill. No quick fix. Healing is not linear and neither are we! As always changing, multi-faceted beings. Our lifestyle and healing regimine should reflect that, and it too deserves the patience and sensitivity that will allow it to heal us deeply.

We can’t take Garcinia Cambogia for a week and suddenly be thin.
We can’t take CBD oil for one day and never experience anxiety again.

We CAN practice patience and experiment with the medicines that are fit to our unique bodies and personalities.

This is a core foundation in my health coaching and herbalist practice that I feel all of us know on a deep level, yet need some reminding of at times. I know what it’s like to get caught up in fads and the next hot trends, but it’s tiring.

Listening to my own body and my own intuition, I freed myself in a way no pill and restricted diet regimen ever could.

I by no means did it alone, though. If you would like support on your own similar journey, please reach out. Click THIS LINK for more information on how I can help you.

Interested in trying herbal therapy? I offer custom tea blends fit to your constitution and needs. Set up a quick call with me HERE to make yours.

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