The Only To-Do List You Will Ever Need

Accomplishing tasks day to day is something very important to me. I don’t enjoy ending a day feeling as if I have not made the most out of my time. However, I also tend to underestimate just how much I have gotten done.

Jumping right in: I present to you my new to-do list format:

Simple enough. I was inspired by a podcast by The Minimalists where Josh talked about how he has 12 things he likes to do each week and he does each task twice a week. This way, he feels good and can accomplish all of his goals; At the same time leaving the target small, so if there is time to spare he has the option to do the tasks more than the set two times.

I think this is brilliant. Not only do you get to feel good by getting everything done and keeping focus, but you get to feel even more amazing if you decide to excel in any area and go over the targeted mark.

I believe we are creatures of ritual and habit. We best function when we have a structure to express ourselves within. If the walls are too thick, then we may begin to feel suffocated. On the contrary, if we can create a structure that keeps us focused and leaves room for growth and expansion, then we can channel our power out to greater things beyond the marks we’ve set for ourselves and allow for greater creativity to flow.

Discipline is one of the greatest teachers. I use to shy away from disciplining myself into staying focused and set in goals. I thought it stepped on my creativity and prevented me from fully expressing myself. I know now that this is not true at all, and through disciplining myself to remain focused on my goals I have become empowered in my voice and become even more inspired. Without discipline, I would often spread myself too thin over many projects and stress myself out that I wasn’t getting anything done. This was, needless to say, counterproductive. Through making this weekly to-do list, I am able to create a visual that will remind me of how much I am growing day to day as the boxes get checked off.

You may have noticed how most of the things on my list are for self care. It’s important to do things we love and that make us feel good daily. I believe if i take care of my own mental, physical, and spiritual needs first, then I will be able to hone in on my own power and channel it into my work with greater focus and devotion. If I feel wonderful and inspired, my work will reflect that.

I encourage you now to create a list that reflects your own goals, values, and desires. The beauty of making these lists, is that we get to play it by our own rules and create a structure that works for each of us and our own personal preferences. I find that this format works very well for me, but it may not work well for all of you. Find something that will help to keep you on track and feeling accomplished in your day-to-day life. The items that you choose to put on your list or completely personal to you as well. Maybe create a separate list first of all the things that you would love to see yourself doing in each week. Even just committing to one task or self care habit, two or three times a week, would be an amazing start. Begin where you are and work your way up from there. You’ll find yourself increasingly inspired, motivated, and energized every time you’re able to show up for yourself by working on the goals you’ve set.

This article is in no way sponsored, I just really love the Minimalists and highly recommend checking out their podcasts. The one the inspired this article may be found here and is titled “selfcare.”

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