Full Moon: Ancestral Healing?

Happy Full Moon, Beloved kin 💕

This Taurus moon is all about life, death, and the interconnectedness they present throughout generations.

It’s also October, a time when the veil had thinned greatly and ancestral ties are on the mind.

I personally don’t know much about my family history, besides immediate family. This always caused a bit of distress for me. I have tried calling out to them in dreams and meditations, 23 and Me, and general learning of Celtic and Viking Culture to try and find some answers.

I have come to find a bit of peace around this mystery as I have come to the realization that even if I don’t know the stories of my ancestors or how they lived each day, they still live inside of me. The lineage is still deeply embedded in my DNA, and the same patterns and cycles remain.

One major thing that keeps coming up for me is my families inability or resistance towards being vulnerable and showing love. This is why I find it so important now to live fully in love with myself and life, and to show love to others through openness, vulnerability, and compassion (though I may not have been aware of it at first).

When people speak of ancestral healing, they are speaking of these cycles and coding that lies within. It is the subconscious ways we interact with the world that were handed down to us from those who raised us, those who raised the people who raised us, and those who raised our great great great grandparents (and so on).

How often have you been told “you are just like your father/mother?” If those who came before us did not heal from unserving habits or ways of being, they are carried through ancestral history and passed down the line.

We can come to know our ancestors simply through self study. Observing the subconscious habits we possess, the things we do that our parents and grandparents also did. We can study the experiences and cycles we keep ending up in that seem downright unlucky, and ask our families if any of them or our ancestors had similar experiences.

This goes for positive experiences as well. We may look at some as “lucky” in some areas, but this is simply because a predisposition towards a certain way of being was already embedded within them deeply. That does not mean that we are incapable of learning new ways of being and transforming our own molecular makeup. However, by honoring where we are at and where our ancestors were, we are given a path that is best suited towards helping us grow in the best way for us as individuals. By this I mean, by honoring the strengths and weaknesses that are already there, we may grow stronger in our own right and utilize the talents we were born with to make the biggest impact in our lives and the lives of others. We honor our ancestors by creating with the strengths we are given and healing the weaknesses they carried and passed down, so that we may grow stronger as individuals and as a lineage.

Our ancestors are never truly gone. They live inside of us, and every day they have lessons to teach us through the textbook of cellular memory. By uncovering these lessons and working through them, healing from ancestral traumas and cycles, we are honoring our ancestors and infusing our DNA with love for the generations to come to feel and experience.

How do we partake in the healing then?

Simply bring awareness to your subconscious. Become aware in your daily life where your strengths and weaknesses are. What cycles are you consistently playing out?

Write a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Begin healing the weaknesses and finding the lessons within them, while letting your strengths carry and guide you. This is a very personal journey and cannot be undertaken incorrectly. Do what feels best for you.

Do you have a relationship with your ancestors? Have you had experiences with ancestral healing? Leave a comment x

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