The World I Dream Of: Love, Peace, Harmony

Let’s imagine…

We all look out for each other. We all take the time to love and accept each other. We honor each other’s beliefs and life paths. We work together, showcasing each of our individual talents, to live harmoniously and abundantly.

We care for and nurture the earth.
We work with mother nature rather than take from her.

We see how everything is undeniably, irrevocably connected.

We know the power that is within our own hearts, the same power that moves through all life. We seek refuge in our understanding. We use this power to co-create beautiful things.

We are love. We are born of love. We are love at the very core. To love and be loved on the deepest level is the most fulfilling thing that we may do with our lives. For at this point, we are moving and creating from a place of wholeness, and allowing this love to spill out and fill the gaps where it is needed.

We have healed ourselves of all past and ancestral, karmic traumas. We have stepped into vulnerability and allowed our wounds to be seen. Exposed to the light and healed by the warm rays of divinity.

We are strong in our vulnerability and see that it only brings us closer together, on a deeper level of respect and understanding.

We do not get bored or dissatisfied with this level of loving awareness we have reached. With this level of deep inner peace. For there is always work to be done, art and beauty to be created. We live every day in awe and wonder at what marvelous things may be crafted from our fingertips… from our lips… from our souls and the spirit that surrounds us.

This is the world I dream of, and you are all invited.

📸: @eternalsunshinebrand

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