How a Greater Sense of Community Benefits Self Growth and the World We Live In

Community is one of our most basic primal needs. From birth we need to be surrounded by loved ones, embraced with love, comfort, security, and support.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Most of us have fallen into a habit of isolating ourselves and feeling we are unworthy of deep, meaningful connections. Unworthy of love. Unworthy of communion with others.

This has led to an extreme discord and further separation from ourselves.

As humans, we are tribal by nature. When alone for too long, our instinctual nature kicks in to tell us that our lives are threatened by wandering the wilderness. That we have been outcast.

We are meant to have connections with others who support us, and make us feel seen and heard on the deepest level.

By doing so, we can accomplish amazing feats, feel supported in all we do, and even develop a greater understanding of our own selves.

Community is important for our personal health because it gives us a great sense of belonging. It creates a platform for us to build our own passions and desires upon, and offers the support and learning needed to see them through.

We are not alone in this world. We have so many connections out there waiting for us. Even if it may not seem like it at first, there is always the opportunity to find more like minded folks who can support us and that we can support in return.

For my birthday, my mother gifted me a tapestry that says “your vibe attracts your tribe.” It is so important to surround yourself with people who are resonating on the same wavelength! There is no other way for us to feel heard and seen the way we need to on that fundamental, primal level.

By becoming the kind of person we would want to surround ourselves with, we create new pathways to attract those types of people to us. By surrounding ourselves with likeminded people, we no longer have to feel alone, we gain courage to chase our dreams, we experience a decrease in anxiety and fear, it gives us options and opportunities to grow and try new things, and it offers opportunities to experience greater joy in each of our lives. This isn’t the extensive list. The benefits are infinite and deeper than words can explain.

We are all individual beings, fueled from the same source. We can even be traced back on an evolutionary path to the same, single ancestor. [x]

We all experience the same basic emotions, feelings, and desires, though experienced through different ways in our individual human experiences. We can help each other become our best selves. We remind each other of our worth in this world and our ability to succeed and do great things. Together we can create more joy and beauty, and make greater changes that continue to support the communities we live in.

If you do not have a support system like this, I highly encourage you to branch out and find one. Whether it’s online friends or forums, or connecting with old buddies you fell off with. You can also join groups through universities, community centers, religious groups, and apps such as meet up. There are many ways we can expand our inner circle. Begin by finding groups of people with similar interests such as politics, hiking, crafting, etc. Try numerous different groups. Join sports or volunteer. There are opportunities everywhere.

If you live in Michigan and have a passion for community activism and environmentalism, try groups such as Restore Love [x] which is involved in advocacy and activism, and makes change on a communal and political level.

Joining or creating a community to be involved in offers support, purpose, a sense of security and hope for us to chase or dreams and desires. It opens doorways of opportunity to make a difference and grow and expand on a personal level.

Are you involved in a community or group? If so, how has it helped You? If not, what interests do you have the you’d like to bond with others over? Leave a comment and thank you for reading ×

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