The Importance of Movement: How Movement is Vital for the Harmony of Mind, Body, and Soul

Movement is a fact of life. Everything is in motion. Even rocks are alive and moving, every particle and atom dancing about and vibrating.

Movement is an integral part of our being. Blood, which carries out Qi (life force), moves through the body. Air moves through our lungs. Electrical pulses fly along our nervous systems to send signals to the brain. Our heart beats. Our hair and skin shed. Even when sitting still, we are in movement.

Through movement, we may learn more about our being. Through movement, we have the ability to shift energy, create new pathways within ourselves and clear ones that have become obstructed.

Movement is a key to vibrant health. Through it, we may discover our strengths and weaknesses and work to improve upon them all.

Whether it is a walk in the woods, an hour in the gym, or dancing- it does not matter. No matter what form is chosen, there is much it may offer.

When we are still, we become stagnant. When we do not honor the truth of movement, we allow blockages to keep us stuck and ill. Many illnesses and diseases happen when we do not utilize movement effectively. They happen when parts of the body become run down and can no longer move freely. Keeping things flowing effectively keeps our own lives flowing. Through movement we are able to keep our heart pumping, our nervous system strengthening, and our lymph effectively emptying waste from the body.

Emotions and memories may also become stuck within the body. This is why many people will go to the gym to “blow off steam,” or go for a walk to “clear the mind.” We do this because some part of us knows the inseparable connection between movement and the energetic field. When we move, we allow for the energies within us to flow freely and be released. We keep them from settling like dust on an old book. This is also why when people do cardio, some will start crying! I personally have experienced this and thought I was crazy until I was told I am not alone in this. The repetitive, meditative motions often practiced with cradio keep the energy flowing smoothly, making it much easier for stagnant, dense energies to be dislodged and removed.

Movement is vital for the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It keeps them all moving as one in perfect harmony. If you do not set time aside each day purely to celebrate the bodies ability to move, then I highly encourage you to do so. Running, Biking, Zumba, Yoga, Weight Lifting, Tai Chi, anything your heart desires. Maybe even try a combination of all of them. This practice keeps us in tune with ourselves, our emotions and feelings, what is affecting us most at the moment. It strengthens the body and mind and is a celebration of the spirit.

For those of you who may have a physical affliction that keeps you from moving the body freely, hope is not lost. For energy may also be moved not just by the body but with the mind as well. Visualization is an incredible way of clearing energy and moving it through the body. I especially recommend chakra meditations, which I will be posting guided ones of soon on Soundcloud. More details to come on that, but for now there are many you can find on YouTube.

Another way to move energy is through holistic practices such as Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture, and Light Touch.

What is your favorite form of movement? Have you had any profound experiences while practicing movement?

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