Manifestation Troubleshooting – Failed Attempts, Running in Circles, and Continuous Negativity

There are two types of manifestors:

Scenario A

Why is it that you are running in circles chasing your own tail?
Why does it seem that when you take a step forward, you fall behind?
You see your vision clearly in your head. You know what your dreams are. Your intention is set! Why aren’t you walking towards it?

This is a problem that is haunting an increasing number of people. You do the groundwork, send the energy out into the universe, but instead of that energy coming back, you find that it has evaporated into thin air.

Scenario B

You did everything right. You did the manifestation, you took the time to align yourself with what you wanted to a T. You may have even gone so far as to Feng Shui your home to properly allow the energy to flow to you, yet when you received what you asked for it turned out to be the opposite of what you truly wanted.

These are two different scenarios that are both connected at the core and flawed between the lines.

If you are one of these people, here are the reasons your manifestation practice is bound to fail:

1. You dwell too long in the depths of the mysteries.

This is something that I personally have done for far too long in the past. I have fully decided on what it is I want to create, set my intentions, and watched them all fizzle out one by one. How could this happen? Two reasons: Either too many dreams were being manifested at once and my energy was spread thin over too many projects OR I spent too much time in the planning phase and not enough time in the executing phase. You have to build the car and fuel it to drive it, but unless you hit the gas it isn’t going anywhere.

2. You forgot to release and make space.

Fear is the only thing that can stop us. In this case, it’s the fear of letting go. To move on and grow, we must be open to change. We must let go of everything that we know deep down is not going to serve us or our purpose in the long run. If we don’t, then there will be no space for new blessings to find their way into our lives.

3. You’re trying to escape reality.

If you are daydreaming about a new reality because you disapprove of the one you’re in, all of your new manifestations will be short lived. The moments you have away from reality may even be awful experiences no matter how excited you were for them beforehand. You’re the type of person that goes on vacation and ends up in the hospital.
Until you learn to fully accept where you are now, your reality will never change. Because your perception of your reality is entirely internal. You must remain where you are and change your internal state to one of gratitude and acceptance before you can move on. Why is this? Change can only happen Here and Now. You can not jump the timeline and end up far in the future. You must do the work Here, and you must start the work with you.

This being said, it is absolutely vital that you do take care of yourself. You cannot under any circumstance neglect your human vessel. This house your soul resides in is a gift from God. It was created to be of service to you and your purpose, so you are responsible for it. Stay hydrated, eat fresh and organic foods that are agreeable to your body and energize you, get enough rest, and move your body in whatever ways feel good to you. I personally enjoy gentler forms of exercise such as walking and sometimes running, dancing, and yoga. It is also important to do things that make you feel balanced and joyful. Crafting, Reading, Spending time in nature, Gardening, and Painting are all wonderful examples.

Lastly, if you wish to continuously live in the flow of abundance and joy, I recommend founding your desires in Love and service to the higher purpose. Setting your intentions on finite desires will inevitably lead to finite manifestations. All that you wished for could fall apart at the seams.
However, considering why you are setting your intention will lead to greater, lasting blessings and a continuous flow of support from the universe. Example: Setting your intention as “I want more money.” would not be as powerful as “I would like to feel compensated for my desire to do X.” That packs more of a punch, and your excitement about what it is you need the money for is often stronger than your short-lived excitement over just receiving more money.

After setting your intentions and finding your “Why,” release all of your expectations. Release your desired outcome and instead watch as the world becomes brighter, and you become more connected than you have ever been to both the internal and external worlds.


You can have whatever it is you want. You have absolute free will. However, when you set your intention, be absolutely sure you are ready to receive exactly what it is you are asking for, because you will receive it and it is rarely (if ever) what you expect it to be.

A Special thank you to Deva Madhava Das of the Harmony Collective for the inspiration, to Aari for widening my mind, and to the Divine for always guiding me.

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