Manifestation: What Does it Mean and How Do I Do it?

What does it really mean to manifest?
Everyone talks about manifesting their dream life, and sometimes something you think about happens to appear minutes later. What is happening to allow for this phenomena?
How can we channel this ability to actually create the kind of world we would want to live in?

Manifestation is really quite simple. All you have to do is align yourself with what it is you wish to attract, as if that dream is already reality.

This means, if you wish to be a pro basketball player, then you should dedicate your energy and time into practicing and believing you are a pro basketball player. Does this mean it will happen? Not necessarily, but it’s the same process for all manifestations.

If you want to attract a loving partner who supports you and understands you, then love yourself deeply, be authentic and honest, and watch as you eventually come face to face with someone who wishes to honor you the way that you honor you.

Why does this happen? We are all connected to a Greater energy source. We are all made up of this grand birthing place of everything that we have come to know as our universe. We have access to this creative energy, as it is already living inside us and what makes us who we are. If we set our intentions on something and focus this creative energy on that intention, then it will create that which we intended.

If you have a victim mentality, you will likely fall victim to many more manipulative people. If you reach a certain age and decide you’re “old” and “over the hill,” then you will lose your youthful luster and start deteriorating.

On the contrary, if you believe that you are loved and abundant, and remain grateful for everything you already have, then you will attract more love and abundance into your life.

So how do we get to that point? How can I stop running in circles and start running towards my dream life?

Like I said before, set your intention and focus your energy on creating it.

I use to live on the edge of wanting to do it all, and having no idea what I actually wanted to do with my life. A few moons ago I set the intention to release everything that wasn’t in line with my purpose: healing others.

Since doing so, I went well on my way to becoming an herbalist, revamped my entire herbal beauty line, paid off all of my schooling from health coaching, started my business, and will be able to live on the road by next year. I have been offered even more opportunities such as reiki classes and a free spot at an art fair, I’ve been offered paid photography gigs, and I find myself surrounded by beautiful and supportive souls whom I love dearly.

You can have whatever you want. All you have to do is align yourself with your goals and watch as the universe carries you. How will spirit know what you want if you don’t even know? How can the universe support you if you are still unclear on your vision?

To get the most out of manifestation, you must be clear on your intention. Meditate on it. Journal it. Make a vision board (I suggest making one on Pinterest if you don’t like crafts).

Another practice that helps TREMENDOUSLY is to get familiar with moon phases.

During the Full Moon, like today, it is customary to set an intention of release. Such as breaking a bad habit or removing obstacles that could keep you from your dreams.

During the New Moon, it is best to set an intention of attraction. This way, whatever you wish to manifest can grow into fruition with the growing moon phase.

This cycle is helpful because it not only focuses on creating and manifesting, but also on releasing the old, stagnant energies and obstacles that could keep you from your dreams. If your hands are already full, how can you catch what’s coming?

I’ll leave you with this:

  • Everyday, remind yourself what it is you desire.Express love and gratitude for all that there already is.
  • Express love and gratitude for all that there already is.

  • Remain unattached to an outcome (because it could turn out better than you imagine.)
  • Release anything that could potentially hold you back.
  • Be ready to receive what it is you wish for.

The world is yours ×

[Side note: Please don’t use this for malicious intent and instead use it to bring greater love to humanity and this beautiful planet! I promise it’s a better option.]

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