Flower Essences: What They Are, and How They Work

Out of all the healing aids available to us, flower essences are one of my favorites by far.

These magical energy infused solutions are able to help with ailments that can’t be approached by a simple diet and exercise program.

Flower Essences go to the root of the problem and stir things up. They bring to the surface issues that have been long stuck in our emotional and energetic fields, allowing us to work through and release them.

So what exactly are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are as they sound: the essence of flowers. They are made by harvesting flowers during the peak of their bloom, and floating them in water under the sunlight for 3-6 hours. This can also be done in moonlight, during rain, or on a cloudy day. No matter what, sunlight is finding its way to the earth. From there, the essence is preserved in a 1:1 solution of the essence water and brandy.

How exactly do they work?

Dis-ease and imbalances within the person work in 3 parts. All ailments first come to us subtly through the energetic field. If not addressed there. They begin to affect us on an emotional level. If the issue is still left unattended to, it will then enter the physical body and settle in, causing a host of problems. From severe depression and anxiety to autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Each plant has its own spirit and way it can help us heal. Flower essences help by addressing where the issues began, and uprooting the problem there.

To do this, one must find a flower essence that calls to them and acts as an energetic match to their own energy. The essences are ingested as drops, so that way they can work from the inside out.

Flower Essences can help with issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, grief, anger, addiction, fear, worry, apathy, learning tolerance, lack of confidence, and much more.

These remedies are meant to balance your energetic field and bring love and joy to your life. They heal the heart and help one find their bliss, bringing newfound energy and vitality to life.

If this seems like something that could benefit you, or you’d like to learn more about the uses of specific remedies, I recommend following this link to Bach Flower Remedies where some are listed. This company has been around a long time and makes the popular “Rescue Remedy.”

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I can also work with you directly through my practice of Life Alchemy Healing, and we can find a blend that works specifically towards your needs.

Now, I would love to know! Have you used flower essences before? Is this something you would be interested in? Leave a comment below ×

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