Garden of Eden – A Poem

This day has been filled to the brim with magic and synchronicity. In dedication to the heart opening ascent into the soul of Colorado, I offer this poem. A totem to a day devoted to chasing dreams in the company of loved ones.

Fearless flight through streaks of light and the cheers of God’s.
Soaring around Her stone bosom.
Eagles in awe.
Not above, nor below.
With the celestial deities
And elemental sprites
Form bound by light and shrouded in blankets
Of joyful tears before they fall.
Filled to the brim.
Overflowing with love
For that which bore life to
Boundaries are shed through
Dissolution of time and expectation.
Presence precedes impatience.
Fingers of pine and peaks reach for the heavens
And touch the soul.
Stillness moves as a landslide in toroidal flow.
Home is a four letter word.
Here is an expansive organism
Concaving and uprooting stale conditioning
Through love.
Breath is replaced with whispers of leaves to fellow trees.
A veil of amber resin drips into darkness
And emerges as radiant oneness.
A concentrated and clear orb
In the sea of flickering candlelight.
Heaven is here, embodied by light
In the garden of Eden.


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