Nature is Nature, a poem.

Pine needles, love, and hugs that never end.

Barefoot steps on golden seas.

Green and red bulbs of promise,

From murky waters deep.

That which dies comes back to life-

Transformation through contemplation.

Have you ever felt so alive

Wallowing in the dark?

There’s a comfort here.

Inner knowing.

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Guidance prevails

The thoughts which stray me from my Self.

I’m always on the same path:




But sometimes I forget.

I forget that all these roads are leading to the same place.

The place where it all began.

Am I really even moving?

I don’t know anymore.

And there’s comfort in that.

Where else can I be but right Here?

Right Now?

Past and future is an illusion

Keeping you from the gift that is the present.


There’s no surprise.

No secrets.

This is it.

This is you.

You are whole.

The whole universe

Is merely a reflection

Of your inner Being.

Ever wonder why you can’t see God?

No one can look at themselves.

That’s why we have mirrors.





Who is reflecting?

Who wants to know?

You already know.

Published by Hekate's Garden

Witch. Medicine Woman. Herbalist. Energy Healer. Herbal and Magical Goodies designed for optimum wellness of the mind, body, and soul.

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