10 Things You Can Do To Help Our Home Planet

Happy Earth Day!

This is a beautiful time (like any) to honor mother gaia and all she provides for us.

Without this planet, we would not be here. We are made up of the earth itself; the same star stuff, minerals, freshwater, and food grown from the soil. The trees provide the oxygen that fills our lungs to keep us alive. Living in perfect distance from the sun that nourishes this planet and our own bodies, so we too may grow strong around the fire within.

Take time today to honor and connect to the Earth. This planet is more than a rock floating in space that, over time, we somehow evolved on. It is a living organism, a mother, constantly growing, nurturing and bringing new life. We did not get to where we are today without her help. Now is our time to give love back.


Here is a list of things you could do this Earth Day:

  1. Pick up litter
Eye-Opening Statistics on Littering

See more at: http://visual.ly/eye-opening-statistics-littering#sthash.QwS5cGaz.dpuf

      2. Go Vegan for a day

Before you get skeptical, know that veganism is so easy! Just one day! Swap out the animal for some fresh beans and legumes, and trade the dairy for plant-based milks, cheeses, yogurts, icecreams, you name it. There are thousands of recipes all over the internet for you to choose from, and a whole host of products in stores! It doesn’t have to feel restrictive.

Here’s what you would be saving by being vegan for just one day:

vegan in a day

      3. Go the whole day without buying anything in plastic

Bonus points for going completely package free. That means sexy naked fruits and vegetables, and bulk bins 😉

      4. Use your own bags!

If you go shopping, bring your own bags! Most places will even offer you a discount, donate to charity, or offer a raffle for bringing your own bags!

      5. Go for a hike

Not only is it exercise, but just a 10-minute walk in nature has the power to help rewire your brain and reset hormones, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and boost your mood!

      6. Plant some plants

Whether it be a tree, household plants, for the garden, or a small succulent.

      7. Hug a tree

Did you know hugging trees offers real benefits to support your health?

Hugging trees is known to show improvements in mental illnesses such as ADHD and depression, stress and inflammation throughout the body, along with cognitive and emotional functions.

Now that is some affordable health care!

      8. Look for an event in your area!

Many places will hold festivals in honor of the earth, or marches and rallies to support positive changes in the environment. Look online and see what’s out there!

      9. Skip the vehicle

Walk, ride a bike, roller skate, longboard, skateboard, scooter, take the bus, carpool… whatever you can do to cut the pollution!

      10. Unplug

Turn off the lights, keep the blinds open and use candles! Unplug from the wall any devices or appliances that are not being used. Skip the TV and video games for going outside in nature!

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