Commit To Yourself

Sometimes I wonder if the love comes after the commitment.

How often do you experience something new and feel a spark? Whether it’s talking to someone you resonate with, painting, writing a short story, creating a beautiful meal, etc. One day you decide you want to go back and do it again, but something is different. The same spark is gone. It might even be a bit more challenging this time.

I recently talked to someone who chases their dreams. He took risks and was rewarded for it by the universe. He was completely taken care of up to the point I talked to him last. I asked him what it felt like to be in the flow, always encouraged and provided for by the universe. He said it felt more like he was walking into the wind.

This led to a sudden awakening for me. All of my life I have been waiting for everything to flow. I had been looking for something to awaken my soul and suddenly everything would be laid out before me; I would progress through life easily and carefree. That is not how life works.

Every day I am given opportunities. Every day I pick and choose what is within my comfort zone, but taking risks is the only way to grow stronger. When I step out of my comfort zone and chase a spark I once felt, that is when I grow the most. That is when I gain experience, feel abundant and provided for, and open more doors.

It is rarely an easy task to face fears and go against the flow of what is comfortable, but once done, life is given new meaning. Hope is renewed and passion presents itself. Commit to what gives that initial spark. Run after it at full speed until all the barriers are broken and that spark turns into an all-encompassing light.

“I just have to take the first step.”

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