Lost Connection

Yesterday I did one of the worst things imaginable that someone in today’s day and age could do- I lost my phone.

Okay, I’ll admit I may be exaggerating a bit there, but let me explain why this is one of the worst and best things to have happened to me.

When I realized I lost my phone, I experienced every stage of grief.

  1. Denial

I was frantic. It had to be on me or in my car somewhere. I just had it. There is no way I could have lost my phone during the time of driving. I didn’t even bring it into the store!

      2. Anger

I could feel the black cloud rush over me. I wanted to scream and hit something. I would take my anger out by being rude to anyone who tried talking to me.

      3. Bargaining

I called the store I went to asking if they had seen a phone and to call if they found one (they didn’t).

      4. Depression

I was devastated. What am I to do without my phone? Who am I supposed to talk to the friends I never get to see? How will I know when to wake up for work?!

      5. Acceptance

I have lived years without a phone in my hand. People before me lived their whole lives without a phone in their hands. I don’t need a phone. Heck, this whole time of having one I would talk about how I wish I didn’t have one. If a stupid piece of technology makes me feel such strong negative emotions, then I shouldn’t own one in the first place.

What I allowed myself to feel truly scared me. I feel that I lost that phone for good reason. I needed to detox.

One study suggests the average person spends close to 4 years of their lifespan using a mobile device!

When I look back on my life I don’t want to think of all the things I didn’t do because I was too busy distracting myself with social media. Instead of looking at beautiful pictures of people’s adventurous lives, I should be out taking my own pictures and experiencing all nature has to hold! Why look at pictures of smoothie bowls on instagram all day when I could be making my own and learning to cook?

Life is too short to waste away in front of a screen. Life has so much to offer. What good comes out of going through the same old routine every single day? The story barely changes, the same emotions are felt in a different sequence.

The only time we have is RIGHT NOW. Life doesn’t wait for anyone. The only thing that can hold someone back is themselves. This whole time, I had been holding myself back by distracting myself from living dreams and exploring interests.

Thank you for reading this little snippet of my momentary madness, and if you relate to it at all I encourage you to join me on a journey of leaving the technology behind in favor of the natural world and real life experiences.

Explore your hobbies, do something you have never done, use your phone to take pictures and videos of trees and mountains while hiking somewhere you have never been!

I’d like to end this with a short list of things you could do instead of staring at a screen:

  • Paint and/or draw
  • Cook something new
  • Go for a walk/hike
  • Volunteer
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Write a book
  • Clean the house

And how you can put a phone to good use:

  • Call your friends and/or family
  • Plan a meetup with like-minded people
  • Take pictures and videos of things you find beautiful
  • Use the calendar to plan all of your amazing adventures
  • Download inspiring books
  • Download mindfulness apps that remind you to remain present

Thank you,


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